ICC and CWI online training courses

  • Replace expensive classroom instruction.
  • Train online with an on-demand personal tutor.
  • Know exactly what and where with code reference walkthroughs.
  • Prepare using physical plans we ship to you for each course.

ICC Courses

Our courses feature real plans that we ship to your address, 25-30 hours of instruction, practice tests that you can revisit at any time, and access to online one-to-one coaching with an expert instructor. We are here to help you PASS the test.

CWI Training

Replacing the traditional week-long class, our CWI training is fully online and includes molded weld replicas, inspection tools, video instruction, and practice assessments to prepare you for the test.

Save money with Bundled Courses

We offer sets of 3, 4, and 6 courses. Purchase any courses you want and start them at any time.

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A passing strategy that works

Stop gambling with time, money, and self-study inefficiencies.

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Practice that doesn't waste your time
Code practice test

Too many questions waste time and fatigues study. Too few leaves you unprepared for the test.

  • Targetted quiz questions cover necessary content.
  • Scoring feedback shows comprehension, and where you need review.
  • Timed code practice tests simulate the real test.
Plans practice test

SI Certs teaches you the logical thought process behind reading blueprints.

Our Training Plan Sets build skills, provide tools, and prepare students for the complex tests plans. Plans ship with every Code+Plans course purchase.

  • Training Plan Sets feature instructional notes, tips, and auditory guidance.
  • Master blueprint reading and time management with our simulated Plans Practice tests.
  • Detailed answer keys teach you our thought process from page jump to page jump.
QDS: The most efficient practice system

All of our questions are delivered through our Question Delivery System (QDS), an interface that mimics the real testing environment. No other study system rivals this total learning environment, maximizing your success.

  • Timed computer environment teaching our Passing Strategy.
  • Ability to mark, skip, and return to lagged questions, just like the test.
  • On-screen question display, simulating the test feel and pace.
Corporate Solutions

Monitor, assign, and advance field staff training without having to open a code book.

Passing Rates Above 75%