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My scores were awesome
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Gabe -

First I wanted to share that I passed my CWI exam with flying colors. My scores were awesome... Part A - 92%, Part B - 87%, Part C - 98% for a composite score of 92%!!

I also took part in the AWS week long seminar and I can honestly say that without SI Certs prior to that seminar I would have been lost. I was heads above others in the seminar because of what I learned through your platform. I had a very solid understanding of the intricacies of the test, the format of the code book, the necessary inspection tools and the replicas. It really made the seminar more of a review for me while reinforcing what I already learned through SI Certs. All in all, I was very pleased with your program and give credit to SI Certs for my success with the CWI exam.

Thanks again for everything.

90% passing rates
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Gabe, your program has worked so well for our company. We're seeing 90% passing rates on the test. The material is solid. Lots of strong feedback from our field personnel. We know our people are receiving valuable training in the process, and we're getting SI Certs adopted company-wide.

Approachable study course
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A complete, professional, and most of all, approachable study course.

I enrolled in the Master of SI course and was not disappointed at all. I could really tell the SI Certs team knew what they were talking about and cared about furthering my knowledge on special inspections.

I walked into the ICC exams well equipped and confident, and was able to pass all 9 exams on the first attempt. I would point anyone looking to break into the construction inspection field in SI Certs' direction without a second thought.

Average score 88%


Just want to tell you that today I have gotten my scores:

Part A: 93%
Part B: 80%
Part C: 92%
Average score 88%.

I really appreciate your help through this time and believe without your course this wouldn't be possible. Thanks a lot!

Seriously, the best customer service I have EVER experienced

Take the courses!

If you're someone who can study on their own but would like some structure, any SI Certs course is for you. I have purchased all 3 CWI courses and the reinforced concrete course from SI Certs and have passed both the CWI and reinforced concrete exams the first time around. I plan to take another course with SI Certs (PT or masonry) because of the success rate.

Leaving the one week AWS seminar, I felt overwhelmed, even after doing the month long study prep prior to the seminar that AWS provides. I wasn't very confident after taking the part B portion of the exam. Admittedly, I didn't go through much of the SI Certs course for part B.

Side note: You HAVE TO make the time to study folks! Take it from me. Give yourself time, don't rush through the material, and by the end of the SI Certs course, you will be prepared and confident enough to pass any test you're preparing for.

I digress. Since AWS allows you to focus on one portion of the exam at a time now, taking computer-based exams for parts A & C on separate dates, separately from part B, I was able to focus on the other 2 portions of the exam one at a time. I gave myself time to go through the last two SI Certs courses. (Again, ample study time is highly recommended.) Let me tell you! I haven't felt more confident taking an exam as I did taking parts A & C. I scored higher on parts A & C than part B. (I wonder why.) If I may "beat a dead horse," give yourself ample time to comprehend the entire course. The courses are great with the right study behaviors. After taking the CWI exams, I took the reinforced concrete exam. As I said before, I proudly passed that too and plan to take another course with SI Certs.

P.S. Shout out to Gabe and the SI Certs team. Seriously, the best customer service I have EVER experienced.

With my second attempt my score climbed to a 89%

The CWI Exam is tough, but the toughest part for me was the Part B. I attended other training prior to taking the exam and while I achieved a passing score on Part A & C I only scored a 70% on the Part B...I was desperate to pass my Part B on the second attempt but with such a busy schedule my options were very limited. I was really impressed by SI Certs offering online training in conjunction to the Welding Replicas and Toolkit for hands on practice. With my second attempt my score climbed to a 89% and I owe it all to the time I spent practicing with SI Certs' material!

I will keep sharing with others about this course

Gabe and Chris, thanks for your help with the class. Just wanted to let you folks know that I just received my CWI exam results, and with God by my side and the online class you all provide, it was a success!

Thanks again! I will keep sharing with others about this course.

Greatest customer service

I can’t tell you guys how great your course is but also the greatest customer service! I went to leave a review but there were so many I thought I would just let you guys know personally. Great job!! When I get out in the field, I will highly recommend your course.

I appreciate it

I purchased CWI Part B. It really helped me with things I missed from other seminars that I had gone to. I failed the test previously but I took the test again in January and I received my stamp two days ago so I want to thank you guys.

You helped me fine tune and know how to look up procedures and specs so I was able to pass. I appreciate it. If I need anything else, I definitely will come back and get your service. Thank you.

Passed CWI on my first attempt

I would like to inform you that I have cleared my CWI Exam. I got the result two days ago. Thanks for your help, and thanks to Matt too.

I did all of the three parts, and this was my first attempt.

I would highly recommend the SI Certs prep course

I took the CWI Exam without any experience in welding. I found that SI Certs adequately prepared me for all three parts by honing in on essential content. In particular, the welded joint molds and tool kit from SI Certs were critical for simulating part B of the actual exam.

I tried another popular online preparation course but found it to be far less helpful. The team is also quick to respond to questions and provide additional explanation when requested. I would highly recommend the SI Certs prep course over other courses for anyone looking to take the CWI Exam!

Passed my CWI on the first try

Guys, I can't thank you enough for your CWI training course. I signed up for the course to become a CWI after being in the Machining trade for 15 years. I had limited training in welding and weld practices, and your course made it very easy to study and get up to speed.

Your course was truly what I needed. You provide all the necessary topics and tricks needed to become a CWI. I took the test and I passed on my first time through using the techniques and information provided in your course. I can't thank you enough for making a great course.

Passed CWI

Just got the notification. I passed!

Passed parts A and C of the CWI exam

Matt and Gabe, I recently took the CWI exam and passed parts A and C. I missed one question on part B! Apart from some AWS slipups in exam administration, I'm content with the A and C results since I've never been around welding before.

I'm so happy I found this program you created!!

I have been so overwhelmed with the amount of information but you have helped. You present everything in a very user friendly format, covering all information. I have nothing but confidence that I will pass the CWI exam when I finish your prep course!!

Passed Part C of CWI

Part C was great. The topics you guys covered came exactly in the exam.

The online class you give is great

First off, I want to say the online class you give is great. I have such a better understanding of the CWI part B with the pieces and how to navigate the BOS and the CWI part A is so informative that it makes me understand how the process works.

I am so glad I found this and I tell colleagues and coworkers to sign up for any of your online courses. Thank you very much and I feel I have a great chance of passing now that I have this online course you give.

Excited to finally call myself an inspector
Hi there, just giving you guys an update! I passed my ICC General requirements, the Structural Steel & Bolting codes and plans exams! I’m beyond excited to finally call myself an inspector and it was only possible through taking your courses! Thank you so much! Now on to the ICC welding!
Passed on the first attempt
Your courses have been very helpful and worthwhile. I've used them to prepare for the ICC concrete, masonry, and soils tests, all of which I've passed on the first attempt.
I just passed my ACI exam. SIC ALL THE WAY!!!
89% test score
I got my CWI. Thanks for the support. Overall I got 89%. That was the total average on all of the parts. For Part B, I got 82%.
You guys are the best
Thanks, you guys are the best. I passed my ICC soil exam and I know I wouldn't have done it without this course. Thanks again.
Thank you!
Hello guys! Finally I passed welding plans! Thank you for your help!
Passed on my first attempt!
I just passed my Code and Plan exam for SOILS on my first attempt! So I am certified now for EC SOILS SI. I wanted to say thank you for this course, because I believe that without SI Certs I would not be able to pass this exam!
Passed that darn PT Plans exam


I passed that darn PT Plans exam. Did as you said with the beam schedule and simply looked deeper into the details. Thanks again for pulling me through kicking and screaming.

That was a tough test and made tougher with that ridiculous interface on top of everything else.

Scored an 80% on the part B


John with BNSF here. Got my test results back and passed all three.

I scored an 80% on the part B, and honestly never would have come close to that without your course. Thanks a million. I'll be sure to recommend your program to anyone else that needs certification in the future.

Thanks again.

Hey Gabe, just wanted to report I finally passed that PT plans test. Appreciate the extra time. It helped for sure!
Looking forward to the next course
Gabe, 2/2 now, as I passed Masonry plans last night. I can’t thank you and the team enough! I‘m looking forward to the next course. Thank you once again.
Thank you
I passed my codes exam. Thank you. I'm on to the plans part now.
Good morning. I passed Masonry.
Thanks Matt and Gabe, I've passed the exam today.
Hi Chris. I would like to inform you that I successfully completed the Structural Masonry Course and passed both the Code and the Plans Exams recently. Thank you!
I really appreciate your site


I want to say thank you for all your help with the SI modules and personal help. I have now passed both the codes and plans section for the reinforced concrete. I really appreciate your site and all the insight.

Just got his ACI results & he passed. Yay!
I really appreciate the support and flexibility
Good morning guys. I am thrilled to report that I took the plans test again and passed it this time. I really appreciate the support and flexibility from your organization. If there is anything I can do on my end to help support/promote SI Certs as a great resource for certification exam prep, please let me know. I might be coming back for the soils cert. We'll see what pans out. Thanks again. Garth
Six certs through SI Certs training
I have ACI, Concrete, PT, Masonry, Bolting, and Soils certs done. All through SI Certs training.
Plan reading portion was spot on
Hi Gabe. I passed my plan reading exam today. You guys are awesome and very helpful. Your course was excellent. Plan reading portion was spot on.
Passed on first try

Just passed reinforced concrete plans test on first try. Your system works great!! Now on to the PT course.


The plan reading exercise you guys offer is very comprehensive

Thank you for your help, Matt. I finally passed the test today. So relieved. You guys are awesome.

The plan reading exercise you guys offer is very comprehensive and covers everything in the exam. Out of the 30 questions, except for 1, I was confident on all the answers.

Thanks for all your help!😄

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I successfully passed my ICC masonry test!!! So happy and relieved!! Thanks for all your help!😄

Passed with ease
I passed with ease! Thanks so much for the help. You guys always over-prepare me in the best way.
Just passed my code exam and I am working on the plan exam.
Very helpful

Hey Matt,

I passed the exam 🙌🏻. Thank you for your help. This course was very helpful.

Tomorrow I will start the plan reading module.



I took CWI Part A, B, and C classes with you and passed the exams.
Finally passed my reinforced concrete plans test after seeing my stupid mistakes. Now on to the codes. Thanks again.
It really helped
I took and passed S1P this afternoon. No scrap paper but using the online notepad helped. Also, my laptop has touchscreen so using that to zoom in and out was very useful. Otherwise, the on screen magnifying glass is not helpful at all. Thanks again. For SI Certs training, it really helped. Moving on to S2 soon.
I was finally able to schedule a test for the codes at Pearson VUE and passed the test yesterday!
I passed bolting plans.
Surely the best
Thanks so much! Your soil training course is surely the best. Just passed the ICC soil examination for both plan and code.
Very helpful

Thank you so much.

Just wanted to let you know that I've passed ICC concrete reinforced. Your course was very helpful for both plans and codes.

I took the GR and passed this morning.
Thank you!
Just wanted to say thank you! I was able to pass the masonry codes test yesterday. I’m really happy that I took your course. I am going to schedule the plans test in a couple of weeks.
I got 80% on part B.
Passed the ICC 47 plans exam

Hey Gabe. I passed the ICC 47 plans exam last night. This completes my RC SI training. Next is ACI certification. Maybe I will be back for the Welding training when I am called back to work. Thank you.

Also you don't have to answer the question about the N/S vs W/E grid questions any more, but you may wonder how did some body who can't tell the difference between N/S vs W/E pass the plans exam?! Ha ha ha. I know your answer. SI Certs training can do wonders.

Piece of cake
Hey guys, I passed the 47C exam. Piece of cake. I had 15 minutes of extra time. Your notes are good. Moving on to the Plans section.
You guys really helped me out on this. I passed!
Your course is greatly recommended!
Hi Chris, just want to tell you and your team that I passed both the ICC bolting and welding exam with ONE shot! This wouldn't be possible without the course, thanks and your course is greatly recommended!
Thank you
I almost bought all your courses and passed the ones I studied. Thank you guys for that.
Thank you
I just wanted to thank you again for extending the course for me. I just passed both the plan and code sections last week and wouldn’t have been able to do it without your training courses.
Thank you
Recently passed my ICC exam and wanted to thank you. Couldn't have done it without the training your program provided.

I have recently passed the code exam and am scheduled for the plan test on Monday afternoon.

[A few days later]

I passed.

Passed on the first try
83%, 86%, and 92% scores for ABC respectively.
Your 47P (and 47C) course was thorough and rigorous

Hi Gabe,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for all of your help and the training program you offer here. I was a bit worried about the concrete plans test, but I just got out today and I am smiling ear to ear. If anything, the test was noticeably easier than any of the prep I had done here. The code test was also a high pass.

I hear (read?) about many people having a hard time with the blue print test; if I am not mistaken many people fail that exam the 1st time around.

I got a blue print test date only 14 days in advance, leaving me the two weeks alone to take your course to prep after I finished code exam.

Your 47P (and 47C) course was thorough and rigorous. I did invest an hour to two hours every night for the two weeks to prepare myself. When the test date rolled around, I was surprised to finish all of the questions with time to spare. I even went through my answers again to check for any errors. There was no hand wringing or lost sleep over this - I can recommend the study program to anyone interested. I have not worked in the industry or done any kind of blue print review other than what I did in your course and I sailed through the ICC exams.

Thanks again.

I passed both tests on my first try!

Hey guys, I want to say thank you for this program. I took your soils module and I passed both tests on my first try!

I want to say thank you for all your help! Now I have a career that I am working on and trying to get better. I took another program and I failed it 3 times and I took your problems. I passed it on my first try for both exams!


I am definitely coming back to SI Certs for all my SI needs

Hi Gabe!

Thank you so much for the support.

I passed the GR, Codes, and Plans Exam. It’s official. I am an ICC certified Structural Steel and Bolting Inspector!

The Plans exam was so hard because the drawings were scanned in and they were not clear. Also, the drawings were “special”. All of this I knew in advance because of the course.

I am definitely coming back to SI Certs for all my SI needs.

Thank you
Hey! Just wanted to say thank you guys for all your help on this course. I just passed both the plans and the codes.
The practice questions and the course study modules were definitely spot on. I passed my code portion.
Thank you for being understanding about my situation
Hey Gabe, I want to take this time to thank you for being understanding about my situation and adding time to my course especially during the covid also. I took my test yesterday and I passed! Thank you!
I wanted to say that your course and the manner in which you teach it is fantastic. When I become a CWI, I will always highly recommend SI Certs to anyone who is considering a career as a CWI.
Thanks Matt
Thanks Matt. I passed! You've been a great help. Thank you.
The tests were presented exactly has they are in the training

Completed my testing for Structural Steel Special Inspection last week. I want to thank the SI Certs team for providing an in-depth training program to prepare for the two tests. The strategies they provide should be used as explained. The tests were presented exactly as they are in the training.

I personally thought the plans test was easier than I expected because you don't have to go thru the entire set for the answer. I started on paper prints so I took the plans pre-test over and over (at least ten times) knowing that navigating thru the digital prints would be the key.

On the code portion, pay attention to what tables to get the answer out of i.e. pre-installation vs. pre-tension. Thanks again!!!!🤑

I’ve been able to obtain 5 ICC certs
Hi guys, I just wanted to start off by thanking you guys for these courses. I started my journey into becoming an SI about 2.5 years ago and with the help of these courses, I’ve been able to obtain 5 ICC certs so far. All I’ve got left is Structural Welding. After that, if things go well and I have the interest, I’ll probably pursue the CWI.
I took the exam this morning and I passed. Thank you for your help!
SI Certs is a user-friendly format


I passed Reinforced Concrete - Plans and Codes. Thanks for all your support! This course prepared me very well to pass and obtain my certification. SI Certs is a user-friendly format and an overall great study program that helped me achieve my certification goal within 90 days.

I plan to pursue my next Cert "Prestressed/Post Tension" especially now that time has been given in abundance with this current covid19. I encourage others to take a look at SI Certs and take advantage of study time with great prep materials through SI Certs.

I passed my CWI first time
This is my second time using you guys (great courses by the way). I passed my CWI first time with the help from your program. I also got my friend to use you guys for the ICC bolting and welding courses you offer.
That makes 3 ICC certs
I passed my SFRM inspector's course, thanks to you guys! That makes 3 ICC certs I've passed using your courses.
Thank God, I passed both 47C and 47P ICC special inspector.
Good morning, Gabe. Thanks so much for your help and concern. I passed the GR exam to the glory of God last Friday. Kind regards.
Great learning program
Just wanted to say what a great learning program you guys have. Was able to get my Reinforced Concrete cert within a couple months. Thank you.
I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues
Thank you so much for the Reinforced Concrete training. Really helped. I was able to pass the exam first time first try today. I can’t deny how helpful was your study material. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues. I really appreciate your help. Thank you sir!
Your course is well designed
Gabe and Chris, I have cleared all three exams for special inspector for Reinforced Concrete. Your course is well designed and very much knowledgable. I have not only learned how to read plans well but I got great understanding of the code too and it made passing exams easy for me. I want to thank you all for the help! 😀
I passed the codes! Thanks, Matt, for all your help.
I've taken my codes exam and passed.
Hi Gabe, your courses are so fantastic 👍. I achieved all 3 ICC certs on my first try.
Thank you
I passed the bolting exam. Thank you, Alex.
I successfully passed ICC Reinforced Concrete.
I was able to pass the exam first time first try
Team SI CERTS, thanks for the CWI training. Really helped. I was able to pass the exam first time first try. I can’t deny how helpful was your study material.
Gabe, I passed the PT exam. !!!!!! Wohoooo!! Thanks for all your help. Great site, great guys.
I was able to pass

I’m taking the plans and codes tests tomorrow. Hoping I pass. I’ve been studying like crazy so we’ll see what happens.

[The next day]

They were tough but I was able to pass both!!!

I’m sure glad you added module 17 test strategies

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know I PASSED the p47 plans test today.

I’m sure glad you added module 17 test strategies. It helped a lot. I'm going to order my books for masonry. When I receive them, I will be buying the masonry program. Thanks again.

Good course

I appreciate the help and support. I passed all 3 CWI parts finally. Good course, very informative.

I took the plans test and passed.
I really appreciate your efforts
I just want to let you know I took the exam today and I passed my exam. I really appreciate your efforts for me. I am really thankful for everything you did for me.
It was very helpful

Just passed both parts for ICC structural steel and bolting codes and plan reading.

I found the program very helpful for the codes. With the plan reading, I did have some trouble with the module. I didn't quite find on the print everything I was looking for. I took the practice exam and it was very detailed on how to find the proper information. All in all, it was very helpful and prepared me to pass both sections of the exam, thanks.

Hi Gabe, I have just passed my Concrete Plans test. Thank you very much for your support!!
Thank you for your practice tests
Hi Gabe, I just passed my GR (Special Inspector General Requirements) test. Would like to thank you for your practice tests and your support. Getting ready for next module, Reinforced Concrete Codes.
The plan module was really helpful!

Hi Gabe, wish to update you. I passed ICC soil plan already, first try. The plan module was really helpful!

The test was really tricky. On toggle amplify almost every page. Finding out the info like a video game. But once you found it, it's easy.

Was able to pass
I happened to take my plans exam this morning. The scans were hard to read but was able to pass.
Passed on the first go-round
Appreciate all your guys help. I passed both my Reinforced Concrete exams on the first go-round with no problem thanks to your courses!
Great course!
Great course! Well designed and laid out.
I took the codes portion today and passed it. I found the modules and study material very helpful!
I passed!
Thank you so much for all your support and for helping me along this journey! Definitely recommending SI CERTS 👌🏼
I just passed that code test. I couldn't have done it without that module. Piece of cake. My next step is that plan reading.
Thank you very much for the help
Just passed the plans for reinforced concrete and passed the codes last week. Thank you very much for the help and I will be purchasing the soils program from SI CERTS next week! Thanks again for your program and help!
I passed Reinforced Concrete, Masonry, Structural Steel, and Prestressed Concrete

I have taken SI Certs courses from no experience, starting with wondering if I can pass the tests, if I can successfully find a job, and if I can apply the knowledge I learn to the site. I was full time taking courses since early Jun 2019. I know nobody from this career and I'm new to U.S.A from a non-English speaking country, most of my English is self-learned.

In short, I just follow God's leading. Gabe kept encouraging me, explaining almost everything to me about this job including pay scale, how to find a job, and how to negotiate with potential employers. He's just acted like my mentor and personal coach.

What happened next? I passed Reinforced Concrete, Masonry, Structural Steel, and Prestressed Concrete (all including code and plan test) until Sept 10th. That’s just 3 months and a half. Of course this is a long time for me. I pushed myself to the limit, even not allowing myself to drink water before finishing the study. Gabe also instructed me to tackle the ACI too and you can assume I did.

Did I find a job quickly? I got 4 offers by interviewing with 5 companies within 2 weeks right after I passed the prestressed plan test. Once I passed ACI, I already signed one of the offer letters and I'm working in a great company right now with guaranteed future.

Is the knowledge learned applicable to the job site? Let me put it this way, when I'm doing the job site training, the knowledge I thought I might forget all came back to memory. This is my last fear but now gone.

I compared a few training agencies before I chose SI Certs. I thought Gabe was a passionate tutor after I talked with him on the phone. But I found the major reasons should be totally different. Here is what I think now:

Every course starts with an understandable explanation. Without such, it would be much more difficult to dive into the knowledge. This may lead to fatigue or even giving up. For example, I am in the ICC welding course now with no welding knowledge. Just by one day learning, I can almost read all types of welding symbols, joint types and dimension info and WPS. Importantly I know I comprehend the knowledge, not just fooling myself.

The courses control the learning pace very well. They will not waste your precious time by studying useless knowledge or knowledge you can pick up at the field easily. This is the most important reason when I looked back and saw what I'm doing in the field now. How about if you need 1 week to study the safety procedures? If you would learn the same thing, your company will train you the same thing. How much does 1 week cost you? How much can you do in 1 week? 1 week is a long time for me, how about you? But don't doubt if they provide enough knowledge for you to pass the tests or what you need to know before you go to the field. I promise you it is super good enough.

Self control timing. I put segment in studying, some just 20-60 mins, some up to 3 hours. I always know how much time should I set aside for the next segment so that I won't waste time and I can set my schedule very well. I move on at my own pace and I almost exactly predicted the date I can take the test before I started. It’s pretty precise. My wife was shocked at my prediction. This is a great feeling. You are in your own control.

The practice. I believe the best way to learn is to make it in a diversified pattern. After each module, I must take the practice to test if I was truly familiar with the module. If I fail too many (I make it 80% as failure), I go back. The 2nd time studying is always much quicker. Then I must gain a much better understanding on the 2nd time. It will just take another 20-30 minutes. Wasting 30 mins is much better than wasting a whole or a few days.

My last advise is don't miss any sentence or word in this course. As I said, they make every word useful and good enough here. I am confidently saying I will get the rest of the 3 ICC certs and CWI within my self-controlled pace and I do wish you have a great success!

Passed all the 7 certifications through ICC using your courses
headshot of user

I am going to pursue as many Certs as possible through you guys. I have been with SI Certs for 4.5 years now and have acquired all the special inspection Certs but welding ones. You have been awesome to help me achieve these Certs!!!

[Later in the year]

I just wanted to let you know that I finally passed the plans portion of welding cert!!!! I have now passed all the 7 certifications through ICC using your courses. See attached for my new cert and the Master of Inspection cert. Woot Woot!!!

I passed both exams on my first try

Hi Gabe, I just wanted to inform you that I passed the welding codes exam yesterday! - This course has been really helpful and I will continue to recommend it to my colleagues. - I will update you once I pass the plans section. Thanks!

[3 1/2 weeks later]

I passed both exams on my first try. Thanks for your help!

Thank you for the practice tests
Thank you for the GR practice tests. I found it very helpful. I just passed my exam.
I passed plans finally!!
I passed my plans test finally. I'm so happy and excited. Thank you so much for all your help and extensions.
I am working
Hi Gabe, I am working in Kleinfelder now. Everything goes fine. Next week I will truly go to the job site. Hope everything goes well. So far I like this job, no regret.
Passed all 3 exams at first attempt!
Hey! I just wanted to thank you all for the help! I passed all 3 exams (GR, Masonry Code, and Masonry Plans) at first attempt! I don’t think I would make it without your training and tips so thanks again!
Hi, Gabe and Matt, I just passed the Prestressed Concrete Plan Test, which means I am certified with PT Concrete inspector license. In the PT Concrete Plan test, you need to reference more and quicker than the other three plan tests I passed. I can say it is more difficult than the RC, Masonry, and Structural Steel plan tests.
I passed both plans and codes of the prestressed concrete exam.
I took Reinforced Concrete and Masonry and I passed both tests.
Passed it this time
Hi Gabe, I just came back from the Structural Steel and Bolting Plan test. I passed it this time.
Thanks for your help

I passed the plans portion. Thanks for your help. I’m taking the codes on Saturday.

[Six days later]

I passed!!! Masonry next!

Thanks so much!
Thanks so much! This helped a lot. I just passed the prestressed concrete this weekend. Plan and Code were passed.
Thank you
Gabe, I know Matt cc you on my email that I passed! Yes sir :) It’s been a long journey for me to have finally been able to accomplish this CWI certification and it’s been well worth it. Thank you.
I passed
I passed the ICC Steel and Bolting and Welding exams!
Thank you
Just wanted to say thank you for putting this together. It paid off for me. I passed the CWI test to D1.1 first time.
Thank you
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam! Thank you for your help!
I just passed the Masonry Plan Test.
Thanks for your help

I passed the plans portion. Thanks for your help. I’m taking the codes on Saturday.

[Six days later]

I passed!!! Masonry next!


Hi, Gabe and Matt. Just for an update, I tried the Masonry Code Test today.

The first half of the test was mostly math, doable but very time consuming. When I came to question No 35, I found I only have 45 mins left, and I try do it faster. Questions after 35 are easier. The last 10 questions I only have 9.5 mins but they are pretty easy. I did all of them by memory and luck. The lucky thing is I passed.

I will take the Plan Test in a few days and start the next course. Thanks, Gabe, for all your help!

Your courses are awesome
Hello, I now passed the masonry exams last week and I'm going to purchase the pre-stressed course this weekend. Thanks. Your courses are awesome. I'm washing through the ICC exams like nothing.
Thank you
Hi Matt, just passed my plan part for the Structural Welding yesterday. Thank you for all the help in getting past this test.
Thank you
Thank you, Matt. I just passed the code part last night.
Landed the job AND a signing bonus

I passed the test and was happy with the course.

[A month later]

Hi Gabe! I aced the job interview and landed the job AND a signing bonus. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful program as well as you personally for your excellent customer service and flexibility. I’ve sung SI Certs’ praises to my new company’s HR lady for use for our in-house training.

Thanks for the support! I passed the code and plan exam.
I passed the code.
Hi Gabe/Matt, first of all I would like to thank all of you for you have been very nice to me and so patient. And thank God, I have passed the ICC welding test.
Appreciate your help
Hi. I recently passed both the Code and Plan Structural Welding tests. I appreciate your help on my exam.
Huge help
Hi Gabe et al. I have completed the Structural Steel and Bolting course. Also, just passed the ICC GR and ICC Bolting Plans exams. The course I took with SICERTS was a huge help. I will now be preparing ICC Welding Codes using SICERTS. Thanks, Sunil.
Hi Gabe, I passed the Bolting Exam and Plan reading. Yahoo. I just finished the General Requirements course and passed. Now I just have to schedule the GR exam. Great course. Thanks again.

I passed fireproofing!


Took the exam yesterday evening and passed.

The course definitely helped clarify a lot of the ambiguous sort of stuff in the code. The code section was much easier than the course's practice test. For the plans, the hardest part was just navigating the digital print set. Thanks.

Thank you
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Hi Gabe, just wanted to let you/SICERTS know I've passed my CWI. Thank you guys for all your help.
Good morning Matt, first and foremost, I would like to extend my thanks to you for all of your help in achieving my passing score on the soils plans.
Awesome program
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I just wanted to thank you for the awesome program you put together for the AWS CWI Part B Exam. I passed the Part B after studying with your program.

Prior to this, I had used what AWS had given me to study for two tests with no improvement in scores. Thank you again for a great program and awesome customer service!

I honestly don’t think I would have passed without this program.

Passed the welding plans!
Passed the Codes!
It was easy
The system works that we discussed and it was easy. I passed. Thanks for your help!
Passed masonry. Thanks for the training.
Passed Masonry on the first try too
I also passed Masonry on the first try. Thanks!
Passed on first try
Guys we love these courses. Passed Reinforced Concrete on the first try!
Thank you
I passed the S1. Thank you.
You guys are awesome
Hello, I just recently passed the ICC welding exam using your training course (you guys are awesome and do an amazing job with your study material / methods!). I wanted to move on to becoming an AWS CWI and will be purchasing the course that SI Certs offers.
Hey Gabe, I passed ICC Fireproofing.
I passed the 47C test.
It improved my inspection competency

I tried out your online course for reinforced concrete. I took my Code exam last weekend. It was one of the easiest ICC exams I ever wrote. Thanks to your package.

Not only as it helped me pass the exam, it has also improved my inspection competency. 👍

Finally passed
Dear Gabe, I finally passed all my masonry tests.
I passed my GR!
I passed my GR! I just purchased the structural steel and bolting. If I pass this one (fingers crossed), I will purchase the welding.
Their customer support is unbelievable!
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This app is perfect and their customer support is unbelievable! All I had to do was follow the class, step by step, and I passed all 3 tests (first try) to become a reinforced concrete inspector. I was extremely nervous about the plans-reading test, but I passed that as well.

I was especially impressed with how helpful these guys are when I had questions. They always respond within a day or two and answer all my questions, even after my paid class had ended. I am now taking their masonry class and so far it is equally impressive. I highly recommend these classes.

I was well prepared
Hey Gabe, just passed Structural Steel. I was well prepared! Thanks for the help!
Thanks for all the support
Matt, I passed the plans test :) Thanks for all the support, efforts and helps given. I highly appreciate you and Gabe.
I passed the CWI test on my first try.
I passed!

Matt, I passed! Many thanks!

I'm so going to advocate for your business. You'll get business coming your way. Not that you need it, but just as a token of my appreciation.

Passed bolting!
I just passed bolting plans and code! The training is great. I have 47 days left on my bolting training and I'm done.
Thanks for directing me so good. By the way, I passed the GR also - only the plans is left to go.
I passed the GR test.
Thanks for getting back to me. I passed the code today.
My opinion of SIC (SI Certs)

I enrolled in one of those brick and mortar venues and while it was helpful, I can tell you that if I had gone to take the exams required for reinforced concrete special inspector, I would have without a doubt, failed them.

I purchased the course from SIC (SI Certs) and without question it was the best thing I could have done. I have passed all but the plans portion (taking that one in a week) on the first attempt and with the practice tests along with the digital plans provided in the SIC course, I expect to at least do well on my upcoming plans exam.

Even if I fail that one, it won’t be because of a lack of knowledge of plan reading but rather the graphic user interface and quality of the plans provided on the actual exam. SIC is a great value that you won’t find elsewhere online.

Gabe has always been available to help. There is no better and more user friendly online course to prepare you for the exams. I have worked for 30 years in the concrete field. I'm just an average guy.

This course was perfect for me because I work six days a week and am able to study effectively on my off time.

I will update you if/when I pass the plans exam. I don’t work for SIC and this is just my honest to goodness review of my experience with them so far. I plan on going as far as I can using SIC.

I passed
I'm so glad I passed.
Thank you for your help!
Hey Matt, I took the code test on Saturday and passed! Thank you for your help!
I just passed the plans section as well
I just passed the plans section as well so I’m now certified! Thank you so much Gabe for your help. Your program is a huge help!
You guys have been a huge help!
I passed the code portion. You guys have been a huge help! On to the plans reading section now.
I passed

I passed the test 47C today :)

Thanks for the feedback.

I passed both tests this month!
Gabe, wanted to let you know that I passed both tests this month! Thank for your great study course! Several others here at my company are passing numerous certification exams after taking SI Certs courses. Thanks again for a great product and experience!
Thank you
Passed the S2C today. Thank you. I passedS1C and S1P a few weeks ago (thanks to you).
I couldn't have done it without you guys
Hey guys, I want to say thank you for helping me. I completed the course and passed the test for masonry. I couldn't have done it without you guys.
Just passed my masonry plan test

Hi Gabe, just passed my masonry plan test so I'm all set for my ICC masonry inspection.

The training really covers ICC inspection not just to pass the test but also covers materials to be a good inspector, so I believe more and more industry professional will acknowledge SI Certs to be some sort of benchmarking for hiring a good and qualified ICC inspector on top of getting the ICC certification.

Hey I passed the drawing exam.
Just took my code part Wednesday and passed. Thank you for the study guide.
Thanks again, Gabe
Thanks again, Gabe... Passed S1 plans and code... Starting welding.
I passed
I have learned how to read plans
I want to say thank you so much for the online course that I have taken. I passed my bolting and I am currently working on the ICC structural welding thorough your online course. I have learned how to read plans and become a better test taker from the online courses that SI Certs has to offer.
Thank you!
I passed soils. Thanks for your help!
Passed codes and plans
Thanks for the help! I passed the codes and plans first try today. The codes section was easier than expected and the plans section was on par with what I practiced. The ICC testing portal for the plans sucks but the practice tests were really helpful.
Passed masonry plans
Gabe, I just passed masonry plans, so I am done with masonry.
I passed ICC welding and bolting exams
I want to thank you because I passed ICC welding and bolting exams after taking your online courses. I strongly recommend this terrific website to anyone who wants to pass ICC exams from first trial.
Your training was spot on with the plans
Your training for reinforced concrete was spot on with the plans. I saw about 70% similarities to the actual test. I came here to the U.S. and learned English. This course was perfect for me. I’m about to buy your full training package.
I owe a thanks to these trainings

Hey I just want to let you know that I passed the ICC structural masonry exam and I owe a thanks to these trainings.

I actually found your study exams more difficult than the ICC exam, which made it significantly easier.

Passed bolting
I passed the bolting test and now I'm studying for the welding test.
Thank you for everything!
I passed my General Requirements Special Inspector exam! Now I'm going to start my ICC Soils Inspector course soon. Thanks again, guys! I tell everyone I know and everyone I meet in the construction industry about you guys and your awesome online in-depth courses!
I just want to say thanks for the special inspector GR course. It definitely helped me prepare for the types of questions asked during the exam.
Passed my GR
Thanks for your help. I passed my GR.
Passed Reinforced Concrete
I passed the codes and plans exam!
Passed Soils
I passed the soils plans on Oct. 13, 2018.
Thank you
Thank you for extending my class for Reinforced Concrete. Those extra two days allowed for the last bit of review. As of this evening, I am the new owner of the ICC Reinforced Concrete certificationpassed. Guess 3rd time is the special number. Now to get my savings back up and head into Post Tension. (No savings since I’ve worked such few hours the last three months.) Thanks again.
I just passed my reinforced codes test
I just passed my reinforced codes test because of your program. I'll be taking all the classes eventually. Thank you.
I'm very impressed with your system and your practice tests.
I am now certified in High Strength Bolting and Structural Welds. Thanks for your time and efforts!
Picked up the Structural Steel and Bolting cert
Hey guys, just picked up the Structural Steel and Bolting cert. I will now start Prestressed Concrete here real soon. Thanks much!
I finished RC and just bought Masonry
The courses are great and the fact that it's online is better. Other classes that you have to go to are so far away from me and they are 3 times the price. It's crazy and you don't learn as much going to the actual class. Also you get CEUs with SI Certs.
Finally passed Bolting!
Hey Gabe, I finally passed Bolting yesterday (all code and plans)! Started Fireproofing today. Thank you again for all your support!
Passed PT/Prestressed
I passed PT/Prestressed. Ordering my books for Steel and Bolting.
I passed!
You were right on the questions I had trouble on last time. I went to the grid lines and zoomed to 200%. I found lines leading to detail call outs that I couldn’t see at 100%, which helped me answer the question. I also wrote down the PSI’s, the concrete coverage. I also ended up having to write down the tie schedule for the columns because there were several questions that needed this information but didn’t provide it on the documents for that specific question... whew!
I passed
I took Gary's class and learned a lot from him, but when I took the test the first time, it was 10 times harder. Your course was a great help especially the practice tests changing each time I took it. Thanks, Gabe.
Passed Reinforced Concrete
Got it this time. Can't overstress time management.
Passed Reinforced Concrete
I passed my Reinforced Concrete because of the course. So I’m looking forward to getting Masonry complete.
Passed both Masonry tests
Just wanted to let you guys know I passed both Masonry tests first time, with 45 mins to spare on both tests. In my opinion the codes module is just right, but the plans module is way more difficult than the real test, but I guess it preps you for tough plans. If plans in real life were as hard as your plans I know a few generals that would walk off the job lol.
Passed PT
I just wanted to say I have been taking the PT course and just now finishing up with your Bolting course and have really enjoyed them and they have really helped. Passed PT and have Bolting test next week.
Working through your program was the extra edge I needed to pass.
Just wanted to say Thanks! I passed the code in June and I just passed the plans tonight. Working through your program was the extra edge I needed to pass. Susan
Passed Special Inspector GR and Reinforced Concrete codes
Hey Gabe, thanks for your help. I passed the Special Inspector GR and Reinforced Concrete codes tests today.
Passed the structual welding code
Gabe, just wanted to let you know I passed the structural welding code with help from your course.
Took my Bolting ICC test and passed both code and plans.
Took my Bolting ICC test and passed both code and plans but not real happy with ICC prints on their computer. The quality of the prints are very poor and to zoom in and out the way they have it, you waste so much time. I would have prefer paper prints, but anyway I passed and I liked your course.
Passed Bolting!
I love you guys, seriously. You taught me how to read plans THE RIGHT WAY. Going to do CWI with you now. Thank you so much, I will always recommend you!
Passed RC Code!
Thank you. I passed the code portion of the test, now onto the plans!
Passed Bolting Plans
You guys rock! I passed the plans portion of bolting, need to take codes section. Thanks!
Passed Prestressed!
Gabe, I passed the PT both plans and code and I just wanted you to know you did a real good job with updating your plans test to the computerized ICC test. Your hints and points really helped me out and showed me what to look for and expect. And your teaching on how to handle ICC new plans test really helped, it was really spot on. I’m telling my friends about you guys. Thanks man.
Passed Welding Code!
Hi SI Certs, today I passed my icc welding exam code portion. I would like to thank Matt and Gabe for your support throughout the online training.
Passed Masonry Plans
I took the plan reading exam today and passed it.
Passed Reinforced Concrete Codes
Hey thank you guys I just passed my Reinforced Concrete Codes.
Passed Prestressed Plans!
Passed Prestressed plans part of the test.
Passed Masonry
Your help is highly appreciated regarding my masonry exam, finally I passed that exam.
Passed Welding!
I passed the welding test, and your course was a huge help. For the masonry and bolting I took a two-day review, but I preferred your online self-paced review.
Passed Bolting!
I have passed the ICC Steel and Bolting test! I would like to thank you again for the SI Certs program.
Passed Welding!
Gabe, I want to thank you for this welding online course. Both the modules and plans were very helpful. I went through each example problem and quiz. It really did give me the confidence for taking on the welding exam. I passed today. Thank you again!
I Passed ICC Welding!
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I was nervous to take the Structural Welding Certification as I've heard its one of the hardest ICC Certifications there is. I took the Structural Welding Class and with the help of SI Certs, passed the test. I've also passed the Reinforced Concrete Certification with the help of SI Certs. They have done an excellent job breaking everything down to make it easy to understand. The ability to work at your own pace is so great and their staff is there to help at the click of a button. There is no better, easier, and cost effective way to get your ICC Certifications than SI Certs. Thanks you guys again for all your help!
Passed ICC Masonry! It was tough.
Wanted to start by saying that your courses are great. I took the Reinforced Concrete course a few years back, and it really prepared me for the ICC test, which I passed. The plans were definitely difficult, but I ended up finishing with 30 minutes to spare. Thanks for your help.
Finally, I Passed Reinforced Concrete!
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Hey Gabe, I just called you to tell you I finally passed this test! You know how hard this has been for me and what I've gone through, particularly since English isn't my first language. I am extremely grateful for everything you have done. There's no way I would have passed this test without you. If you're ever in Washington and need a place to stay let me know. Now on to PT with SI Certs.
I’m an Engineer. Passed Welding!
I just passed Welding. Thanks for all your help!
I Passed ICC Bolting
I’m ICC Bolting Certified! Just purchased your welding course.
Passed Soils!
Hi, I just wanted to inform you that I passed my ICC Soils Special Inspection Exam. Thank you for your valuable training.
Passed Reinforced Concrete
Hi, I took the ICC RC exam yesterday and passed. Thanks for the great information.
Passed Reinforced Concrete
Hey Gabe, just a heads up I passed my reinforced on Monday and thanks very much for all your support. I will be starting your prestressed class next week and I've already scheduled the exam about 6 weeks from now!
Passed Reinforced Concrete
Passed. I’m certified.
RC is Passed!
Passed my Reinforced Concrete, now certified.
I Am Promoting SI Certs!
You guys do a tremendous job of not only preparing us for the test, but also for the job and inspecting. I tell anybody and everybody about you guys! I’m on second course with you after passing Reinforced Concrete.
I’m ICC Prestressed Concrete Certified
I pass the exam yesterday. Thank you very much you guys. My next will be Masonry after a little break.
Reinforced Concrete: Passed!
Passed Reinforced Concrete.
I am a structural engineer by profession. Thank you for this training.
Thank you for this training, it has really saved me a lot of time. I am a civil engineer with a structural emphasis and your material was very good and accurate. The plan reading part was very helpful to me to prepare for this test. Now that I've passed Reinforced Concrete with you, I'm doing your PT course. Believe me this has saved me a tremendous amount of time.
I Passed Prestressed Concrete. Everything you said was true.
Remember how I told you I took a PT class elsewhere and failed? Now I've taken your course and passed! Thanks again. Everything you said was true. The plans you have are better than my other school and I finished the code in 1 hour and plans in 1 hour 20 mins. Looking to start masonry next.
RC is Passed
Hey Gabe, I passed my ICC Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector exam yesterday. Your course was very helpful. Thank you for working with me along the way. - Jonathan W., Atlantic Testing Laboratories.
Had to say thanks for all the help, I PASSED.
Passed Reinforced Concrete Today.
Thank you, i pass the icc reinforced concrete today. Thank you for all the help you gave me along the way.
I Passed Reinforced Concrete.
I passed my exam today, thanks for your program, it was a big help.
Reinforced Concrete Certified.
I passed, relatively easy this time! I need to start next course. Thank you!!
Passed Prestressed Concrete Test
I passed! Thank you for all your support.
Passed Reinforced Concrete!
I passed Reinforced Concrete! Looking at PT now with you.
Passed the Prestressed Bro Thank You!
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Doing Masonry with you right now...
Passed RC, Now Onto Bolting
Thank you Gabe. This will be my second course now with SI Certs. The Reinforced Concrete was great! Now on to Structural Steel & Bolting.
I Passed My Reinforced Concrete w/ SI Certs
Gabe it's been a while since I took and passed my Reinforced Concrete certification with your training. I'm experienced in this industry but the test was very difficult. I'm doing all my certs with you guys. The training is very strong and you've really helped my career. Now I'm on with a big national firm. I'm telling my company about SI Certs right now and I hope they will adopt it in our office. Thank you thank you!
Passed Reinforced Concrete
Hey Gabe, just wanted to let you know I passed the icc reinforced exam. Thank you for helping me past the test it was well worth it.
Passed RC
Your course was a valuable learning experience. I passed my ICC RC test. Thanks for everything.
Wow I Passed Reinforced Concrete!
I finally took the exam for reinforced concrete yesterday. It was harder than I thought it was going to be. I was ready though, because of my training with SIC. There were several questions that I was not sure of in the code part, but there were at least 45 or 50 that I knew without opening the books. The plans part of the exam was very hard. The plans were missing several detail pages that I thought should have been in the set, but I just kept on keeping on. With 45 minutes left I still had 15 questions to go, and 4 marked for review. All of a sudden I started finding answers, as I was becoming familiar with the set of plans. I answered the last of the questions with less than thirty seconds left. Wow, I was done and when they gave me the results, I was very happy. I Passed!!! Thanks Gabe!
Passed RC!
Yessir. Finished the test with 45 mins on the clock. I'm now considering either post tension concrete or structural steel and bolting and will be purchasing soon. Thank you guys for the awesome class!
My Guy Just Passed Reinforced Concrete
Chris just passed last Friday! We're getting more guys coming through. You're training is awesome. Getting lots of feedback and success with your program. I know my guys are getting trained in the discipline, in addition to getting ready for the test.
Passed RC Exam, First Try
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I'm very excited to have passed this exam. This program was extremely helpful. The plans portion of the exam was the specific reason I purchased the program. I absolutely would not have passed that portion of the exam without them. My background is in carpentry and my print reading skills have all been self taught on-site, prior to this experience. As a purchaser of this program, my experience has been nothing but positive. The program and all the clips (voice and notes) have been real helpful. The most helpful part of it all for me personally was the ability to email and receive coaching support. I am willing to self-study and learn, but I knew I couldn't figure it all out alone. Thank you.
We’ve Been Using SI Certs for Company Training
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Covello Group uses SI Certs for all our Inspector’s training in Reinforced Concrete. We have had several members pass the ICC exam with great ease due to the training they received via SI Certs' online course. The training was very clear and concise, while providing an enormous amount of information that was easy to read and comprehend. All of our inspectors said they loved the simplicity of the course since it allowed for self-guided learning. The online modules and tests provided a perfect representation of what to expect on the ICC test. Our inspectors said they felt confident and prepared while going into the test after completing the online training. The material went above and beyond what was needed for the ICC test, but didn't overloading them with too much unnecessary information. We highly recommended using SI Certs for your preparation for ICC testing. We have had nothing but outstanding results within our company.
Passed Reinforced Concrete!
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The training you receive on SI Certs is top notch. If you put in the hard work studying to understand the material, you will pass. It is definitely worth it to purchase the plans with the course, even if you have some experience with plan reading. The customer service on SI Certs is also excellent. They will answer any questions you might have along the way because they want you to succeed.
Took test yesterday and passed
headshot of user
Just want to let you know that yesterday I took the ICC test and passed. Thank you for all your assistance, especially in answering all of my questions. The plans were a bit tough, as many questions on it seamed to be a foreign language. Your program gave me the direction and focus of what was imperative to be learned for the ICC test. For someone with less than one year experience in the construction industry to have passed the test on the very first try could not have been done without the use of your program and its guidance. Sincerely, Tom.
Passed This Baby. RC Certified!
It was a tough test but I felt pretty prepared. I spent an hour on the code portion. I'd say I answered approx. half on memory and some best guess. Did this to have enough time for the plans. Spent 20 min. doing the outline described in your course, which did help, and with 30 min left I was able to go over all my plan answers.
Passed Soils Test, and This Course is Phenomenal
I wanted to inform you that I just finished and passed the Reinforced Concrete test thanks to the help of your program. I have to say that by your comments in the online course about the test I was quite worried, but after taking the test I didn't think it was really that hard and actually a pretty fair test after going through your course. The plans are defiantly difficult and very vague, but after a bit of flipping through you sort of get a hang of it. No doubt one and half hour is pushing time in the plan section. All and all I think your course is designed well. With out a doubt the course is harder than the actual test, but it does a great job getting you ready for the test and it actually teaches you much more information. The online training does a good job in keeping you aware that it's really not a simple test and time needs to be taken to learn the material. I would like to give you credit because teaching a person more than just what's needed for the test will ultimately will create better inspectors. I am signing up for another course today for another employee to prepare and will pass this class along to anyone that might need it. Thanks for the service and look forward to working with you.
I Passed the RC Exam
The way the information was presented in your course was fantastic. Everything in this course was helpful, especially the plan reading teaching.
Thanks for helping me pass Reinf. Concrete
Just want to thank you for helping me get past this test.
Passed PT Exam
Passed my PT. Thanks.
Passed RC
The Reinforced Concrete course was great and helped me pass my exam!
RC Certified
Aaron passed his Reinforced Concrete test today! -Mike, field supervisor.
Passed Soils Test, and This Course is Phenomenal
I want you guys to know that I would have never passed this exam without this course. It showed me everything I needed to know for the test, and not only that, I now understand why I'm doing the tests and soils analyses I'm doing.
I Finally Passed My Reinforced Concrete
Just wanted to personally call you and tell you that I passed my RC test today. You helped me a lot. Thank you for the time you took to help me get this out of the way.
Passed PT Test
Hello, I passed my P-T test today. Just wanted say thank you for help.
Passed PT Concrete
Thank you for your help. That was a pretty tough test. I took the 2015, I passed and your class definitely helped me to obtain another certification. Great resource.
Passed RC!
Thank you SI Certs. Now for Soils. I've been waiting on it for two years. ;)
I Passed, Thanks!
Thank you. Reinforced Concrete Course was awesome. I recommended my cousin to you.)
Passed RC Test, Now on to Soils!
I want to say thank you. I recently passed the ICC Reinforced Concrete exam and the course helped A LOT. Looking forward to Soils. Thank you!
Course Settled My Fears – I’m RC Certified!
First I would like to start off by thanking the SI Certs team for all of their email coaching support throughout the course. I would have not passed the Reinforced Concrete test without them. I passed today, and if I did it with not much construction experience, anyone can do it as well with SI Cert's course. It's such a great course that I have been recommending it to friends in the construction industry. You will learn essential tools that are worth every penny. Like the codes section shows you exactly what chapters to go to for study. Also for the plans, this course teaches you how to know where to flip from page to page when you can't find the answer right away. I really put a lot of study time into this course. I was very nervous about this test, but this was the answer for me. Passed first try.
I Was Able to Get Through Course in 10 Days and Pass
Just passed my Reinforced Concrete! I did everything you recommended in your course for test taking strategies. Plans were a huge help. I had about two hours on the test plans, and I was even able to take a 10 minute break to calm my nerves. :) Going for Prestressed next, then Soils. THANK YOU.
I Just Passed with 45 Min. Left
headshot of user
I had to call you and tell you what an amazing course you put together. Today I took the test. Finished the code in an hour, and finished the plans with 45 minutes left, after having gone through the questions twice. The course was just so well done. Your code preparation and your tutorial plans are right on. Amazing. Thank you.
Want to Thank SI Certs
headshot of user
I wanted to thank SI Certs for helping me prepare for and pass the ICC Reinforced Concrete Exam this week. My experience has been that the online course was able to organize and tame a very large amount of widely dispersed code information. To a point that if I didn't immediately recognize the correct answer on the test, I knew which section in which reference – to within a few pages – to find it. Very often during the test, my code books would open to exactly the correct page because I had been led by the course to open to those same pages so frequently during my preparation using the online modules. I was able to complete the code section in a very short amount of time, freeing up some highly valuable additional time for reviewing and negotiating the plans. I also found the plans reading section to be invaluable to my preparation. As someone who has had quite a bit of experience reading transportation plans but a relatively little amount of experience reading plans for vertical construction, practicing these sections with the included practice plans sets, drilling down, again and again, from general to specific information, allowed me to walk into the test with the mindset that although the answers may be difficult to find, they were in fact somewhere in those plans. If I continued to follow the methodology that I had learned and practiced in the modules, I would eventually find my way to the answer. I never panicked, but just kept trudging along having confidence in the process I learned. Of particular value to me were the explanations to the plans section practice test in the answer key; they detailed, step-by-step, the process I should have followed whenever I missed a question. Another great trick was the suggestion that should the schedules not all be provided on a dedicated "schedule" page (and they most assuredly will not be), that I use the provided white board and dry erase marker to create an index of the schedules peppered throughout the plans — it was a real lifesaver. The online modules were easy to navigate and understand and what was particularly useful to me was that I was able to access them using my phone or company issued iPad - allowing me to turn down-time in the truck into productive study time for the exam.
Passed the Reinforced Concrete Test
I just passed the reinforced concrete exam this evening! Finally...:) Thanks for everything. Going for PT now.
Best Course and Test Prep Out There!
headshot of user
I was able to pass my ICC reinforced concrete with ease and confidence. This course not only takes the mountains of books and information you need to take the test by simplifying what is most important to study for the test, but gives great direction on how to go about studying for the test by outlining what you need to focus on not only for the test, but also important issues that studying the books won't account for in real life situations out on jobsites. What I found most beneficial is how it provides you a path through all the books and ability to easily build upon what you learn throughout the course. The site plans are amazing! Up to date with current sets which you will see at your ICC test center. The test questions provided in the course prepare you for taking this test! I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious at not simply getting an ICC Cert, but being able to take all that knowledge/skills learned by the course and implementing it on-site. I plan on taking my PT next, and I have several of my employees taking SI Certs courses as well.
Passed the ICC Prestressed Test
Course was great and very helpful to me. I'm certified! Thank you.
Online Course Was Fantastic
I recently took your reinforced concrete special inspection course and passed the ICC test. First off, this course was fantastic. It was very easy to use and was super helpful in guiding me through the code; the plan set was also extremely helpful. With the help from your course I was able to complete the code portion of the test in 45 mins, leaving me plenty of time to work with the plans. The things that I found most helpful from your course are as follows: 1) The online lessons were easy to follow and simplified the code. 2) The lesson quizzes and practice tests were a good representation of the actual ICC test. They were great practice for moving around between references. 3) Plan set with notes was easy to understand for someone like myself with general plan reading knowledge; the practice tests were also a good representation of questions asked on the ICC test. 4) Your strategies for taking the test worked great. Confidence with the code helped me take my time on the plans. Thank you again for putting this course together, I would not have been able to tackle the test without it.
Passed Reinforced Concrete Test Today
Just wanted to call and tell you that I passed my Reinforced Concrete Test! Thanks for the course, it was awesome. Now going for PT cert with your training.
Passed Reinforced Concrete and Now Prestressed Concrete
I passed the prestressed concrete exam and I was able to finish it in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Thank you very much for your assistance and solving my understanding, which might be the cause of failure from my previous exam attempt. The way you have designed your course is very informative, easy to understand and helpful for a person coming from the civil engineering field. I am an engineer with Master's of Civil Engineering degree. I am EIT certified and in process of getting my PE license. I have used SI Certs to pass the Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed Concrete exams. I will definitely recommend your course. Thanks for all your help!
Great Course, and Yes it Worked!
After studying with your course, I felt good about taking this test. I crushed the Reinforced Concrete test! I'm certified! Thank you for all your help and guidance with the process of getting ready for this test, particularly with the tutorial plan set. It made the difference. Thanks!
Passed Prestressed Test
Great course – I passed with flying colors, in half the allotted time! The plans on the test were difficult, but the SI Certs tutorial plan sets prepared me for the test plans. Thank you again.
Newly Certified – Passed First Try
The Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector test encompasses a vast amount of information from multiple sources. The SI Certs Reinforced Concrete course was a step-by-step, thorough, walk through of each reference that was to be used during the exam. I tried to study the references on my own before the class and felt extremely overwhelmed at the amount of material to be covered. SI Certs' Reinforced Concrete course was well worth the money because after completing the course I went into the test prepared and was easily able to pass it on my first try. The plan set was a great addition to the code portion because the practice plan reading exam was very relevant to the actual exam. I usually work on single story buildings, so the multi-story plan set helped me tremendously to orient myself as soon as I started the plan portion of the exam and navigate through all of the sheets efficiently. Thank you SI Certs for making the studying for such a big exam relatively easy.
Fast Track Your Certification
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I passed the test this morning!! I am stoked!! I really appreciate the dedication the staff put into the online Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector course. I purchased both the code and plans courses. I am so glad I did. I am very satisfied! Anytime I had a question it was answered in a timely fashion and explained in great detail. The SI CERTS course was extremely thorough and prepared me for all aspects of the ICC test, which I passed on the first attempt. I don't think I would have passed the exam with out SI Certs! I would highly recommend anyone who has the interest in becoming a Special Inspector or who, as in my case, needs certifications, to use the SI CERTS course. Thank you and SI Certs.
Course Was Instrumental to Me Passing.
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If most technicians are like me, you are told repeatedly that you need to be certified!!! The problem for me was finding out what information was needed and how to use it to prepare for the exam. I looked at the ICC website, saw the list of references needed to prepare, ordered the Reinforced Concrete books, but with so much information and no real direction I was overwhelmed. After finding SI Certs online, it seemed to be a good program, so I called and personally spoke with Gabe. After speaking with him I felt that this was the course I needed to help me, and it most definitely was. The course was laid out in an easy to follow outline, giving direction on where to go and look for information in the study references rather than going into information overload. It helped me learn the information on codes that I wasn't familiar with, and "Reinforced" what I knew already. I had experience reading plans, but this course and the Tutorial Plan Sets prepared me for the plans on the test. The practice quizzes and practice tests showed me what the exam is actually like. Gabe was helpful and informative on whatever technical questions I had. This course was instrumental in me being able to pass my exam and become a Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector. Thanks to Gabe and SI Certs for the course and information!
This IS The Best Training Available
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Coming into the quality assurance/special inspection industry, I had no frame of reference about the areas of construction I would face. I found other study materials purely confounding. Experienced inspectors were by and large too busy to be able to take the time explain concepts in their most rudimentary form. A colleague who was struggling similarly but as unwilling to give up as I was, found SI Certs, and showed the Reinforced Concrete package to me. We both bought the RC course, which included their Tutorial Plan Set. I have been certified since March 30, 2014, and am working on some of the largest projects in my area of the state where I live, after being hired less than a year prior. I emailed a code question to SI Certs one Saturday. I had an answer within 48 hours. When I read the answer aloud, my significant other said, "If you had asked them for the time, they would have shown you how to build a clock." I received plenty of assistance through the code, and was supported until I passed the test. Having that one-to-one coaching until I passed the test, and then having the ability to apply the discipline in the field speak volumes, for me, to the value this company provides. Worth the investment to fast track your career.
The Program Works. I’m Certified in Prestressed Concrete.
I took my test today and if it was not for the use of SI Certs' web based study program for Prestressed Concrete, it would have taken me much longer to study and pass the test. SI Certs lays out the study material in an easy to follow and interesting format. The use of the plans was extremely helpful, as having to locate a good set of PT plans would have been a challenge. I would recommend SI Certs to anyone looking to get the PT certification. Again thanks SI Certs for the work you did in putting this program together. Well worth my money. Having used their course made me feel very comfortable going into the test. I finished the Code portion in under 1.25 hours and finished the plans with 1-hour left. This is all thanks to this program and the confidence it gave me going into the test.
The Right Training is Worth the Money
SI Certs’ Reinforced Concrete Course was essential to me for passing the ICC Reinforcement Exam. Prior to finding the SI Certs website, I was struggling taking in all the information from the suggested study material. I started with the ACI 318 book and felt overwhelmed with what information would be needed to be retained for the test. I began with trying to memorize the abbreviations in the first part of the book and the ASTM standard references. Feeling that there was no way I could read, understand, and remember all concepts and chapters of this one book, I signed up and started the SI Certs course. This course lifted a huge weight off my mind because of the direction it provides on which chapters and what information you will be tested on. The total information needed from ACI 318 book was only portions of the text, and it was very specific. Reading the entire book and retaining all of the information would have been impossible for me, let alone a waste of time. The plans part of the course was also very helpful. It helped me learn how to find typical, specific, and obscure details on plans. I gained a confidence of plan reading to be able to interpret plans/details along side my supervisor, General Contractor, Subcontractors, and Owners. I recommend this course to everyone in my field of special inspections and will be taking the Prestressed course this month to add to my certifications and education, which will equal a better pay and a better lifestyle. Thank you SI Certs for making this course easy to understand and for giving me the confidence needed.
An Intuitive Course Well Done
SI Certs Reinforced Concrete Course was very intuitive, easy to study, and gave great tips on the actual test taking experience. The plan reading module was a tremendous help and the optional custom plans were icing on the cake. It really was an excellent course, even if you've never taken the exam. Pictures, diagrams, audio commentary all really set this course a notch above anything that is out there. I even emailed them a few questions and found them very responsive. I went into the exam prepared and confident, and passed it, because I knew I had studied exactly what I needed to study. A big thank you to SI Certs for a course well done.
Passed the Test Today
The plans were quite challenging on the test, and your code preparation was quite helpful because it saved me so much time when completing the code section on the test. The code portion of your course saved me a lot of time on the exam – I even seldom needed to open a reference. Because of the time I saved, I had about 2.5 hours for the plans, and could take my time with plan reading, and even searching for answers at the end that I couldn’t originally find, without the pressure of time mounting up.
Took Test Today and Passed It
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Just wanted to let you know I took my reinforced concrete exam today and passed. Your plans preparation and book preparation of the course is the reason why. Because of the code portion of the course I flew through the code portion of the test, leaving myself with over 2-1/2 hrs for the plans section. I want to thank you guys very much for putting together such a great thing. Can't wait to start on other certs.
The Tutorial Plan Set Coaching Did It
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I found the SI Certs website from reading the article posted about their recent testing experience. It was almost exactly what I just recently went through. I called SI Certs and was surprised that the person I was speaking with was the person who had actually taken the test, and recently. I told SI Certs that the help I needed was more towards the plan reading part of the testing. I knew I needed more time on the plan portion of the test and after studying the course and doing the code testing part, combined with the audio, I was able to get through the code on the real test in under one hour. This gave me over two-and-a-half hours on the plans, which I was able to carefully go over the questions and save the hardest questions for last, without panicking for time under the pressure. Also, I thought I was fairly familiar with plans but these are not your normal set of plans as far as layout and organization. One of the things that really helped me was SI Cert's coaching regarding any questions or concerns that I had prior to my test date. Again, thanks for all the help in my being able to pass the ICC Reinforced Concrete test and moving on to my next certifications.
These Guys Have Plan Reading Teaching Down
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When I began studying for the Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector exam I was a little nervous because the reference list was very long. I wasn't sure about what material I needed to focus on most. The SI Certs' course has been most valuable to me in this aspect. It has helped me by showing what portions of the references I needed to know and what parts I didn't need to pay as much attention to, and brought all the information together for me in a coherent way that was easy to understand and remember. Also, the SI Certs Plan Set has helped tremendously. Having never had any formal education in plan reading the course was invaluable. Teaching plan reading concepts is the way to go because no matter the difficulty of a set of plans, I now have a much better understanding of how to navigate them and where certain information can and cannot be found. I highly recommend this course to anyone, experienced or not. The value of this course cannot be overstated. Thank you SI Certs for creating a great course! I will not hesitate to purchase another course from you in the future when I start preparing for another certification.
I Don’t Think I Would Have Passed if it Wasn’t For This Course.
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I've been in the industry for years and taken this test several times, struggling mostly with the plan reading since ICC obviously goes out of their way to make their plans very hard to interpret within the limited amount of time. I read plans all the time in the field, but have never encountered anything like what you see on their test. I hesitated to purchase your course because of all the money I spent on previous ICC tests. After looking through your site and reading Tabetha's testimonial, who I personally know, I decided try the course. Your Plan Set helped me immensely. The test strategies and navigational key pointers with the Plan Set made all the difference for me, because the plans on the test are extremely difficult. I also like that you don't simply reiterate the code, which I don't need. You teach it. I gained a lot of understanding regarding the code and why things are the way they are. Plus I could reference it much faster this time around taking the test, which gave me more time for the plans. Thanks again, you really made this a positive experience for me, and now I'm finally certified.
I Had Been Stuck in the Lab for Years.
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I'd been out in the field before, but had been stuck in the lab for years. Hadn't even looked at a set of plans in about 10 years. I wanted to get back in the field doing inspections by getting my ICC certs. Reinforced Concrete is where I decided to start. After searching online for a class I found SI Certs. So I signed up and went through the program. I was able to go through it at my own pace, anytime of day, which worked around my schedule. It helped me pass the ICC Reinforced Concrete and has given me the confidence to pass Soils and Fireproofing also. I'm ready to take more. Now I'm out of the lab and back in the field thanks to the convenience of SI Cert's online training. I recommend it to everyone looking to get their certification.
There Were Three Key Aspects of the Course That Were Most Valuable.
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Your course helped me organize my studies and gave me the confidence I needed going into the exam. There were three key aspects of the course that were most valuable to me. First, organizing the exam components into clear and concise study modules that I could tackle at my own pace. The quizzes at the end of each module let me know if I was ready to move onto the next module. Second, the full set of plans was a great study aid which helped with that portion of the exam. And third, the timed practice exam with alternating questions each time you take it was most valuable because it helped me understand the pace I needed to set for the exam. When I went for the exam, I was ready thanks to your course.
I Found the Course to be Helpful in a Number of Ways
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The SI Certs course had great illustrations, diagrams and audio guides, and it points you in the direction you need to focus your studies. The course conceptualizes and teaches you the material. After taking the test you see it was spot on. The practice tests in the course were online and timed, which were very helpful in gauging where I was at in my studies and knowledge of the material.
I Am Happy to Tell You That I Passed The ICC Exam!!!
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I have found your course to be very helpful in learning how to work through the material. The 318 is quite verbose and it has been great to have the relevant material pointed out. I had never looked at structural plans before and was nervous. My supervisor and I went through the plan section of the course and he found it to be an excellent way to explain plan reading. I was able to loan a set of plans for a parking structure and sure enough I could read right through them. I am happy to tell you that I passed the ICC exam!!!! It was one of the most stressful things I've ever done (lol) but I got through it. As far as your course is concerned it was very helpful. Thank you for all your help. It's a huge relief to have the exam out of the way!
SI Certs Offers an Actual Program that Teaches What the Code Means
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As a student of more expensive Reinforced Concrete programs, I’ve found that they only offer a one-sided look at the test. SI Certs offers an actual program that teaches what the code means, not just where to find the information. Even if you don’t need the code section, the plan reading lessons are well worth the combined price. After failing the test originally because of the plan reading, I found SI Certs and was able to go back and pass the test the second time.
I Can Affirm That This Training is an Amazing Worthwhile Investment
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As a recent successful examinee of the ICC Reinforced-Concrete Test, I can affirm that this training is an amazing, worthwhile investment. The course is very convenient, and is the cheapest comprehensive course out there. The SI Certs course will not only prepare you for both portions of the ICC test, it will prime you for Special Inspection work in the field. The visual aids and audio explanations make each concept easy to understand. This course is definitely worth the money.
Overall I Found the Course to Be Very Beneficial
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Overall I found the course to be very beneficial in combining independent study with the provided narrative, commentary, figures…etc. The figures provided are very beneficial in transforming the large amount of technically written text into a very easy to understand image. Also, the controlled progression through modules was very wise. The practice questions at the end of each module and practice test at the end I think provide the most confidence for taking the test. After taking the test I found the study questions to be representative of what can be encountered on the exam. I do agree as stated on the website that this is not a “Cheater Course”. Overall I found the course to be very well organized and would say it would be beneficial to anyone preparing for the test.