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Part C of the CWI Exam - Online Training Course

Your personal tutor and 25 hours of engaging online training.

Our CWI training course for Part C of the CWI exam is fully online. You don’t have to travel anywhere. You can take the course from your home or anywhere that has an internet connection.

We offer training for these two codebooks: AWS D1.1 and API 1104.

The AWS D1.1 course consists of 11 modules.

  1. Introduction to AWS D1.1
  2. Designing Welded Connections
  3. Prequalified Welding Procedure Specifications, Part 1
  4. Prequalified Welding Procedure Specifications, Part 2
  5. Qualifying a Welding Procedure Specification
  6. Qualifying Welding Personnel
  7. Fabrication Requirements
  8. Inspection and Acceptance
  9. Stud Welding and Existing Structures
  10. Welding with Tubular Steel
  11. Test Strategies & Tips

If your prefer the API 1104, you'll go through these 11 modules.

  1. Intro to API 1104
  2. Qualifying a Welding Procedure Specification
  3. Qualifying a Welder
  4. Production Welding and Inspection
  5. NDT Acceptance Standards
  6. Repairing Weld Defects
  7. NDT Procedures
  8. Mechanized and Automatic Welding
  9. Alternative Acceptance Criteria
  10. In-Service Welding
  11. CWI Exam Part C Test-Taking Tips (API 1104)

Our training works because it has regular quizzes to help you remember the material. After each of the above modules (except the ones about test-taking tips), you will take a quiz to make sure you understand what you just learned.

Research has shown that taking quizzes on a regular basis is a great way to learn. The quizzes are very important for keeping track of your progress. If you did well on a quiz, you can move on to the next module. But if you missed a lot of questions, we recommend reviewing the module again.

At the end of the course, you’ll take a timed practice test that is similar to the real exam. The questions of the practice test come from a question bank. Therefore, if you take the practice test multiple times, you will see different questions each time.

You’ll get 90 days of access so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for the exam.

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Required References

2020 AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code

2020 AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code

This code reference can be purchased from AWS. Sometimes you can find used and discounted books on Amazon or Ebay.

API 1104 (21st edition)

API 1104 (21st edition)

This code reference can be purchased from AWS. Sometimes you can find used or discounted books on Amazon or Ebay.

25 Hours of Online Training

This is a comprehensive 25-hour course that has been approved by the American Welding Society (AWS) to grant PDHs or Professional Development Hours. When you complete the training, you will receive 25 PDHs and a course completion certificate.

With 25 hours of instruction, this course has all you need to pass Part C.

We also offer online CWI training for all three parts of the CWI exam. You can buy each part separately, or purchase all three at a discounted price. Click here to learn more.


Passed Part C of CWI

Part C was great. The topics you guys covered came exactly in the exam.

Omar E.
Staten Island, NY

Passed My CWI on the First Try

Guys, I can't thank you enough for your CWI training course. I signed up for the course to become a CWI after being in the Machining trade for 15 years. I had limited training in welding and weld practices, and your course made it very easy to study and get up to speed.

Your course was truly what I needed. You provide all the necessary topics and tricks needed to become a CWI. I took the test and I passed on my first time through using the techniques and information provided in your course. I can't thank you enough for making a great course.

Ricky N.
Oakfield, NY

I Would Highly Recommend the SI Certs Prep Course

I took the CWI Exam without any experience in welding. I found that SI Certs adequately prepared me for all three parts by honing in on essential content.

I tried another popular online preparation course but found it to be far less helpful. The team is also quick to respond to questions and provide additional explanation when requested. I would highly recommend the SI Certs prep course over other courses for anyone looking to take the CWI Exam!

Mark S.
Everett, WA

Buy Now $449 $339