• CertificationCertification:
    Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector through ICC (International Code Council)
  • PrerequisitesPrerequisites:
  • Work ExperienceWork Experience:
    2-5 years Experience/Education
    Related to Reinforced Concrete
  • Course LengthCourse Length:
    40 Hours Online Training
  • Required BooksRequired Books:
    ACI 318-14
    Concrete Manual
  • Relevant IndustriesRelevant Industries:
    All Commercial Construction
    Public/Private Projects
    Materials Testing
    QA/QC Inspection
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RC Code + Plans
40 Hours
4.0 CEUs/PDHs

Full Course Includes

120 Day Course Access
120 Day Course Access
Visual Online Curriculum
Visual Online Curriculum
Plan Set
Training Plan Sets & Practice Tests
Spaced Repetition Review
Spaced Repetition Review
Personal Coaching Passing Guarantee
Quizzes and Tests
Targeted Quizzes & Practice Tests
Audio Instruction
Insightful Audio Instruction
Photos, Graphics, and Illustrations
Photos, Graphics, & Illustrations

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User Reviews

Was a Foreman, Thought Plan Reading Would Be Easy..

I was a foreman for 5 years, so I thought the plan reading would be a breeze. I’m not a plan reading expert, but I am very familiar with them. I just passed the RC plans last week. Coming from a carpenter's perspective, I thought the plans would be easy money. No!!!! Lol. I really had to study "columns and beams." Thanks again for the course. It's exciting to learn and grow in the industry. I appreciate you guys. Thanks. On to the next cert.

Jordan H.

Pacoima, CA

My Company is Very Happy w/ Me

Good Morning Gabe, I am happy to inform that I passed my ICC reinforced concrete both codes and plans. Thanks for putting together the course which helped my efficiently learn new concepts and take the test confidently. My Company is very happy with my accomplishment. As of now I am looking to prepare for my PE next and will revisit you after that to get additional certs if my company requires. I am confident with your wonderful courses and material I can become an MSI soon. The plans exam wasn't as easy as I thought especially the magnifying zoom in feature gets hard to find tiny details on plans, definitely feels like a big accomplishment Gabe. :-D

Sai M.

McDonough, GA

Their customer support is unbelievable!

David W.

This app is perfect and their customer support is unbelievable! All I had to do was follow the class, step by step, and I passed all 3 tests (first try) to become a reinforced concrete inspector. I was extremely nervous about the plans-reading test, but I passed that as well.

I was especially impressed with how helpful these guys are when I had questions. They always respond within a day or two and answer all my questions, even after my paid class had ended. I am now taking their masonry class and so far it is equally impressive. I highly recommend these classes.

David W.

Saint George, UT

Finally, I passed Reinforced Concrete.

Besim H.

Hey Gabe, I just called you to tell you I finally passed this test! You know how hard this has been for me and what I've gone through, particularly since English isn't my first language. I am extremely grateful for everything you have done. There's no way I would have passed this test without you. If you're ever in Washington and need a place to stay let me know. Now on to PT with SI Certs.

Besim H.

Mill Creek, WA

90% passing rates

Paxton Anderson, P.E., STRATA COO

Gabe, your program has worked so well for our company. We're seeing 90% passing rates on the test. The material is solid. Lots of strong feedback from our field personnel. We know our people are receiving valuable training in the process, and we're getting SI Certs adopted company-wide.

Paxton Anderson, P.E., STRATA COO

Everett, WA

There is no way I would have passed if I didn't purchase this course.

I just wanted to say thank you.

I ended up passing the reinforced concrete code and plan portions on my first try, and there is no way I would have passed if I didn't purchase this course. It was still difficult, but SI Certs does a great job with course structuring, and specifically with the plan portion making sure you pay attention to certain details on the plans.

More importantly, I feel so much more confident when looking at rebar out in the field than I did before I purchased this course. You guys are amazing, and I will definitely be purchasing more of your courses in the future!

Brandon O.

Colorado Springs, CO

Passed the ICC 47 plans exam

Hey Gabe. I passed the ICC 47 plans exam last night. This completes my RC SI training. Next is ACI certification. Maybe I will be back for the Welding training when I am called back to work. Thank you.

Also you don't have to answer the question about the N/S vs W/E grid questions any more, but you may wonder how did some body who can't tell the difference between N/S vs W/E pass the plans exam?! Ha ha ha. I know your answer. SI Certs training can do wonders.

Nariman N.

Irvine, CA

I am a structural engineer by profession. Thank you for this training.

The training has really saved me a lot of time. I am a civil engineer with a structural emphasis and your material was very good and accurate. The plan reading part was very helpful to me to prepare for this test. Now that I've passed Reinforced Concrete with you, I'm doing your PT course. Believe me this has saved me a tremendous amount of time.

Alex T.

Henderson, NV

Most ACI chapters are booked 2-6 months out for the ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 certification. Schedule your ACI test now, and then start your Reinforced Concrete training immediately while waiting for the ACI test date to arrive.

Reinforced Concrete RoadmapReinforced Concrete Roadmap

Where are you on this roadmap toward your Reinforced Concrete certification? What are the next steps?

We have the answers here.

Learn More
Step 1 Qualify StepStep 2 ACI StepStep 3 GR StepStep 4 Study StepStep 5 Test Step

Personal Coaching

Matt Owens, Reinforced Concrete Instructor
Matt Owens, MSI, CWI
Chief Technical Advisor for Special Inspection

“As perhaps the most demanding and in-demand certifications among the Special Inspection suite, Reinforced Concrete is the gateway for many field technicians seeking to become inspectors.

This course is phenomenal. Not only have we nailed the Codes portion of the test – teaching the relevant parts of the code and giving you the right practice – but Reinforced Concrete has the most in-depth plan reading training available on our site, paving the way for the rest of the ICC Special Inspection certification training courses. Using our introductory plan reading training plus our 4 Training Plan Sets, you can be confident going into the Plans portion of the test.

As with all of the ICC Special Inspection training, I’m one click away. Ready to help, support, and coach you to success.”

Course Summary

SI Certs’ Reinforced Concrete course is an online, 40-hr. educational and test-prep training that teaches the structural discipline for inspection, and prepares students to become a certified Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector.

Online Training Hours40 Hours
CEU/PDH4.0 Units
Access Time120 Days
AccessibilityAnytime, Anywhere (not instructor-dependent)
PlatformVisual Online Curriculum
CoachingChat Messaging
AssessmentsQuizzes/Practice Tests
Audio InstructionYes
Code InstructionYes
Interactive PlansYes

Course Breakdown

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Reinforced Concrete - Code + Plans

40 hours of training | 120 days access

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Course Features


  • Introduction to Reinforced Concrete
  • Components of Concrete
  • Understanding Reinforcing Steel
  • Concrete Durability
  • Concrete Mixing & Placing
  • Formwork & Embedments
  • ASTMs Review
  • The Concrete Manual
  • Reinforced Concrete Plan Reading
  • Plans Navigation
  • Digital Plans Delivery Preparation
  • Test-Taking Preparation
  • Code/Plans Timed Tests
  • Concrete Engineering
  • Loads & Strength Characteristics
  • Tolerances
  • Fabrication
  • Acceptance
  • Relevant Codes
  • Placement
  • Inspection Best Practices
  • Plans Navigation
  • Blueprint Commonalities
  • PRONTO At-Home Testing
  • Testing Strategies
  • Practice Tests


  • Concrete Engineering
  • Loads & Strength Characteristics
  • Tolerances
  • Fabrication
  • Acceptance
  • Relevant Codes
  • Placement
  • Inspection Best Practices
  • Plans Navigation
  • Blueprint Commonalities
  • PRONTO At-Home Testing
  • Testing Strategies
  • Practice Tests
Light Bulb Study Tip

Study Tip

The actual test is made up of 2 separate tests - the Codes and the Plans. You will have 120 minutes to complete 60 code questions, and 90 minutes to complete 30 plans questions. The test is open-book.

Required References

Plan Set digital downloads are included with course purchase. The books are NOT included. You can purchase the books from the links below.
Plan Sets Included with the Course

SI Certs Training Plan Sets

(4) Plan Sets are included with this course as digital PDF downloads.

SI Certs Training Packages

We offer course packages in the form of credits. Purchase credits to take any combination of courses and start them at anytime. Credits never expire.