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ICC Reinforced Concrete Online Training Course

Course Includes
90 Day Course Access
90 Day Course Access
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3 Interactive Training Plan Sets
Insightful Audio Instruction
Insightful Audio Instruction
Code and Plans Practice Tests
Code & Plans Practice Tests
Detailed Charts and Illustrations
Detailed Charts & Illustrations
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4 Steps to Reading Structural Plans Like a Senior Inspector

The 47P Reinforced Concrete Plans Exam is the main obstacle that keeps people from getting certified as a Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector. To address this problem, we created a 4-step process to teach you everything you need to know about reading structural plans.

Watch the video to learn more.

Course Includes
90 Day Course Access
90 Day Course Access
Plans Icon
3 Interactive Training Plan Sets
Insightful Audio Instruction
Insightful Audio Instruction
Code and Plans Practice Tests
Code & Plans Practice Tests
Detailed Charts and Illustrations
Detailed Charts & Illustrations
Buy Now - $449
References Needed

These references are required for the Reinforced Concrete exam. Purchase of this course does not include these references.

ACI 318-14 Reference Book
ACI 318-14
American Concrete Institute 318 2014 Edition
Concrete Manual Reference Book
Concrete Manual
Concrete Quality and Field Practices 2015 Edition
CP-1 Reference Book
2012 Edition or Later
11 ASTM Standards
11 ASTM Standards
A615-04a, A706-05a, A775-04, C31-06, C33-03, C94-07, C143-08, C150-07, C172-04, C231-08c, C685-07
What About the 47C Reinforced Concrete Codes Exam?

As you can see, we spent a lot of time and hard work to create plan reading training that actually works. That doesn't mean we skimped on teaching the code. We also spent a lot of time and effort to make sure you are ready for the 47C Reinforced Concrete Codes Exam.

The main problem people have with the code is being overwhelmed with the information. You need multiple reference books to pass the test and these books have a lot of pages.

Luckily, you don't have to read every page. You only need to be familiar with certain sections of the books. We'll show you exactly which chapters you need to study. Basically, we simplify the code for you so you don't get overwhelmed with all the material.

Also, we don't simply reiterate the code. We actually teach the concepts behind the code so you'll understand why things are done the way they are. For example, you'll learn the engineering principles behind structural concrete and the mechanics of reinforcing steel.

9 Modules About the Code

The course has nine teaching modules to prepare you for the ICC test. These modules cover the important topics you need to learn.

  1. Introduction to ICC Reinforced Concrete
  2. Components of Concrete
  3. Introduction to Reinforcing Steel
  4. Reinforcing Steel Specifications
  5. Concrete Durability
  6. Concrete Mixing and Placing
  7. Embeds, Formwork, and Concrete Acceptance
  8. Reviewing the ASTMs
  9. The Concrete Manual & the IBC

How to Remember the Material

The research from educational psychologists shows that taking quizzes regularly is one of the best ways to learn. Therefore, at the end of each module, you'll take a quiz. These quizzes are very important for letting you know if you understood the material. If you did well on the quiz, you can move on to the next module. But if you struggled, we advise you to review the module again.

When you're done with all the code modules, you can take a timed practice test that looks like the 47C Reinforced Concrete Codes Exam.

Answers to Your Questions

Q: Are you recognized by ICC?

A: Yes, we are an ICC Preferred Education Provider.

ICC Preferred Education Provider

Q: How many CEUs can I earn with this course?

A: This is a 30-hour course so you get 3.0 CEUs when you successfully complete it.

Q: How much does the course cost?

A: $449.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: 90 days.

Q: Which ACI reference book can I use?

A: You can use ACI 318-11 or ACI 318-14. We offer Reinforced Concrete courses for both reference books.

Q: How many digital plan sets are included?


Q: What does the course look like?

A: We understand that a text-only course is not very engaging so we use lots of audio and pictures to teach you the material. Our course looks like a magazine more than a book. One of our founders is skilled in web design so the course looks great.

Here's a quick video of what the course looks like.

Q: I get nervous when I take tests. How can you help me?

A: Being anxious on test day is common. There's a lot at stake because passing the exam means you can earn a higher salary.

At the end of the course, before you take the practice tests, we have module called "Test Taking Preparation". In this module, we give you valuable tips on what to do during the actual ICC exam.

We cover topics such as using the notepad, organizing your workspace, time management, pacing, and multiple-choice strategy.

Also, don't be afraid to ask us questions by clicking the chat button on the bottom right of the course.

We've found that being prepared is the best way to calm your nerves when taking the exam. We want you to be prepared as much as possible so if you're not sure about anything, leave us a question in the chat box and we'll reply within 24-48 hours with expert advice.

Student Reviews

In 2011, we created one of the first online Reinforced Concrete courses. Each year since then, we improved our teaching methods so the course got better and better.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some great reviews from students who got certified because of SI Certs. These quotes come from our user reviews page.

Finally, I Passed Reinforced Concrete!

Besim H.

Hey Gabe, I just called you to tell you I finally passed this test! You know how hard this has been for me and what I've gone through, particularly since English isn't my first language.

I am extremely grateful for everything you have done. There's no way I would have passed this test without you. If you're ever in Washington and need a place to stay let me know. Now on to PT with SI Certs.

Besim H.
Mill Creek, WA

Passed RC Exam, First Try

Noah S.

I'm very excited to have passed this exam. This program was extremely helpful. The plans portion of the exam was the specific reason I purchased the program. I absolutely would not have passed that portion of the exam without them.

My background is in carpentry and my print reading skills have all been self taught on-site, prior to this experience. As a purchaser of this program, my experience has been nothing but positive. The program and all the clips (voice and notes) have been real helpful.

The most helpful part of it all for me personally was the ability to email and receive coaching support. I am willing to self-study and learn, but I knew I couldn't figure it all out alone. Thank you.

Noah S.
Las Vegas, NV

We’ve Been Using SI Certs for Company Training

Amelia W.

Covello Group uses SI Certs for all our inspector training in Reinforced Concrete. We have had several members pass the ICC exam with great ease due to the training they received via SI Certs' online course. The training was very clear and concise, while providing an enormous amount of information that was easy to read and comprehend. All of our inspectors said they loved the simplicity of the course since it allowed for self-guided learning.

The online modules and tests provided a perfect representation of what to expect on the ICC test. Our inspectors said they felt confident and prepared while going into the test after completing the online training. The material went above and beyond what was needed for the ICC test, but didn't overload them with too much unnecessary information.

We highly recommended using SI Certs for your preparation for ICC testing. We have had nothing but outstanding results within our company.

Amelia W. (Former Operations Coordinator for Covello Group)
Walnut Creek, CA

The Course was Instrumental to Me Passing

Bert P.

If most technicians are like me, you are told repeatedly that you need to be certified!!!

The problem for me was finding out what information was needed and how to use it to prepare for the exam. I looked at the ICC website, saw the list of references needed to prepare, ordered the Reinforced Concrete books, but with so much information and no real direction I was overwhelmed.

After finding SI Certs online, it seemed to be a good program, so I called and personally spoke with Gabe. After speaking with him I felt that this was the course I needed to help me, and it most definitely was. The course was laid out in an easy to follow outline, giving direction on where to go and look for information in the study references rather than going into information overload.

It helped me learn the information on codes that I wasn't familiar with, and reinforced what I knew already. I had experience reading plans, but this course and the Tutorial Plan Sets prepared me for the plans on the test. The practice quizzes and practice tests showed me what the exam is actually like.

Gabe was helpful and informative on whatever technical questions I had. This course was instrumental in me being able to pass my exam and become a Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector. Thanks to Gabe and SI Certs for the course and information!

Bert P.
Charlotte, NC