Meet the Team

Gabe is the founder and CEO of SI Certs. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and masters degree in education, the latter earned through the University of Phoenix Online. He’s taught in classroom settings and has worked on both the design and construction side of the industry. He understands a project's design process, yet also knows QA/QC inspection, having been an ICC-certified Special Inspector for 10 years. Gabe developed SI Certs' online teaching platform with the help of Chris.
Chris is a co-founder of SI Certs. He and Gabe founded the company in 2011. Chris has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the construction industry. He serves as the company’s Chief Creative Officer, involved in the company’s marketing efforts, web design, web presence, and company expansion.
Stuart is a computer programmer, web developer, and SI Certs’ Chief Technology Officer. He’s the programming architect for SI Certs, built from the ground up, including the user interface. Currently, he manages a web development team for an electronics company. He supports several internal and external sites and is heavily involved in things like online marketing, SEO efforts, and A/B testing.
Matt is SI Certs’ Chief Technical Advisor, Account Manager, and support for the company’s Special Inspection courses and Certified Welding Inspector course. Matt knows the code. He handles the one-to-one coaching through our website chat interface for students taking the ICC Special Inspection and CWI courses. Matt still works as a Special Inspector and CWI, currently at Salt Lake City’s Terminal Redevelopment Program. This $2 billion project is a complete rebuild of the Salt Lake City International Airport.
Paul W. McMullin, SE, PhD, is an educator, structural engineer, and photographer. He holds degrees in Mechanical and Civil engineering, and is a licensed engineer in numerous states. He is a founding partner of Ingenium Design, providing innovative solutions to heavy industrial facilities. Currently an adjunct professor at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, USA, he has taught for a decade and loves bringing project-based learning to the classroom. Paul is a structural engineering advisor to SI Certs, and the main author of his structural engineering book series, Architect’s Guidebooks to Structures.
Jen is an independent contractor for SI Certs and serves as an Account Manager, helping clients meet their certification goals company-wide. Jen brings 20 years of AEC industry experience, where she specializes in coaching companies toward successful AEC marketing, business development, interviewing, and winning work. She is the CEO of her consulting company Ignite Coaching & Consulting, an active member for the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), and a national speaker on Marketing, Business Development, and the “Seller-Doer Training” model for architects and engineers.