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What Is SI Certs and How Can It Train Me for CWI?

What Does a CWI Do?

Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) are employed all over the world. ICC Structural Welding Inspectors mainly inspect commercial structural steel. CWIs, on the other hand, are capable of inspecting any type of welding you can imagine, including product manufacturing, aerospace, underwater dam repair, oil and gas, refineries, and much more. These industries are willing to pay good money for CWIs to help increase weld quality, which in turn saves them money down the road.

"A good CWI knows how to read any set of welding code they come across, as well as inspect welds, procedures, and qualifications to the requirements of that code. SI Certs' online training course prepares you to do just that."

Today, CWIs can make well over $100,000 per year. This certification is in-demand. Companies are bending backwards to hire CWIs because they need them to finish their projects.

Passing the CWI Test

However, you’ve probably heard... the CWI exam is no joke. The American Welding Society, or AWS, offers the exam but the organization does not publish the pass rate. Long-time members in the welding inspection industry estimate that 70% fail the first time they take the test.

The CWI codes and material are complex and there are a lot of reference books to learn and understand. You’re going to have to study hard for many hours to pass the test.

The CWI Test Structure

Consider how intense the test is. The test is 6 hours long, made up of (3) 2-hour parts. Not only do you have to learn the concepts but you have to deal with time pressure. Should this be a source of worry? No, because with SI Certs’ CWI course, we walk you through every step of the way.

The Certified Welding Inspector Test Breakdown
The American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) test is made up of three separately timed parts.
Welding Fundamentals
Closed Book – 150 Questions, 2 Hour Time Limit
Uses welding tools, plastic weld replicas, and fake project specifications – 46-50 Questions, 2 Hour Time Limit
The AWS D1.1 or API 1104
Open Book – 60 Questions, 2 Hour Time Limit

Online Prep Course

Until now, we’ve prepared for the exam by attending a week-long, in-person seminar. But this traditional way is becoming outdated. We believe these seminars are inadequate for many people because they teach too much information in a short amount of time.

"We've heard stories of people getting overwhelmed because they sit in class for over eight hours each day and then study for a couple more hours before going to bed. They literally just study, eat, and sleep for a whole week."

Cramming all that learning in one week is not a great recipe for success. The schedule is too intense. While some memorization takes place, learning and mastering the concepts does not. Therefore, by the time a person takes the test, their brains are so fried that they predictably fail on test day.

What if you could take a course with a more reasonable schedule? You can.

With the SI Certs online CWI prep course, you have the option of learning the material at a pace that won’t stress you out. Our students can take up to several months to go through the course. By the time they sit down to take the exam, they are prepared and relaxed. They are able to breeze through the test with time to spare.

Since our course is online, you don’t have to spend money on hotels, plane tickets, and meals. Plus, you can continue your weekly work schedule and earn money while learning. There’s no need to miss time from work.

Other online courses require you to be at your computer at certain times, or have fixed start dates that are months out. However, SI Certs does not have these requirements and limitations. Start studying anytime, even right now!

Online Learning

Online learning is the new frontier of education and research has shown that it may be more effective than in-person classroom learning.

For example, the U.S. Department of Education, in a report entitled Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning, looked at 99 studies that compared online and classroom performance for the same course. They found that students who took some or all of the course online scored in the 59th percentile for tested performance, versus classroom students who scored in the 50th percentile.

Also, MIT, one of the most respected universities in the world, compared the academic performance of online and classroom students for one of their physics classes. The university found that online students performed just as well as their traditional counterparts. Further testing showed that online students learned slightly more than classroom students. You can learn more about this study in the research paper, Learning in an Introductory Physics MOOC: All Cohorts Learn Equally, Including an On-Campus Class.

As we’ve moved into the 21st century, there’s been a rising trend of college students taking classes online. Check out the graphic below by the Babson Survey Research Group.

Online Enrollment as a Percent of Total Enrollment: Fall 2002 - Fall 2012
Growth of Online Education

The studies above and this trend demonstrate that more and more people are discovering that the Internet is a great place to learn new things and improve your career.

CWI - Required Training Hours
"In a CWI classroom seminar, you'll have around 40 hours of teaching. But we've found that you really want 80 hours, done at your own pace, to learn the material."

We provide 80-90 hours of instruction instead of 40 hours. You’ll want those extra hours because that’s when we cover advanced topics. Learning about these topics can be the difference between a passing score and a failing score.

You also have our attention. During the course, you can post any questions in our live web-chat interface and we’ll respond to them within 48 hours. The teacher of the course, Matt Owens, CWI, MSI, passed the test on his first try in 2010, and he has over 10 years of experience in the industry. He is a skilled instructor, and he’ll be answering your questions through our integrated messaging system in our site. Help is literally one click away.

Matt Owens, CWI Instructor
Matt Owens, CWI, MSI
CWI Instructor & Technical Expert

"Hello, I'm Matt. I've been involved with steel inspection for the past 10 years, and construction inspection in general for much longer. I first took and passed the CWI exam in 2010. The exam was extremely difficult, and most of those I took the test with failed. They were so overloaded with information and memorization that they were unable to truly understand the concepts and have confidence in what they knew."

"Over the years I have had the opportunity to manage and lead dozens of inspectors. In trying to get my inspectors certified, I've seen first-hand what works and what doesn't. I understand how the curriculum needs to be delivered so that students can best grasp and master the material. And when my inspectors bring me back a passing certification, my smile is as big as theirs!"

SI Certs' Advantages

The SI Certs online training platform has helped hundreds of people pass certification exams. We've sold thousands of courses and many of our customers buy more than one course because they were able to earn a certification with the first course.

Why SI Certs is better than CWI classroom instruction or other online training courses:

  • 80 - 90 hours of online training and instruction vs. the classroom’s 30 to 40
  • 6 months of access allows you to go at your own pace and learn CWI vs. cramming to memorize an overview.
  • An instructor dedicated to your success, who responds to questions within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Visual learning through hands on training, video instruction, and demonstration. Our users grasp ideas much better this way vs. strict traditional classroom instruction.
  • Visual tools, like SI Certs’ own hand-crafted weld mold replicas and custom weld inspection toolkit.
  • No expensive deposits, tying up money on your credit card.
  • Flexible study: start studying anytime, and study whenever you‘d like, at a pace that works for you.
  • Much more affordable when considering no need to take time off or pay additional travel and lodging costs for classroom instruction. Study from your computer or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Numerous online practice tests that will sharpen your skills and prepare for you for each part of the CWI exam.
  • Additional time available if needed through our course extensions.

We’ve created the SI Certs collection of online courses to replace classroom seminars that require travel, lodging, and missed work. Our online option provides well over $1,000 in savings compared to classroom training.

Do You Need Professional Development Hours (PDH)?

This course has been approved by the American Welding Society (AWS) for PDHs. When you finish the course or parts of the course, you'll earn PDHs and receive a certificate.

Part A of the course is worth 30 PDHs while Parts B and C are worth 25 PDHs each. If you complete all three parts, you'll receive 80 PDHs.

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SI Certs CWI Parts A, B, & C

We’ll show you everything: how CWI is structured, and what you’ll need to learn to get ready for the test.

The SI Certs’ CWI course is made up of three Parts – A, B, and C, just like the parts that make up the test. You can buy each part separately, or purchase all three at a discounted price.

SI Certs CWI Part A Course - Welding Fundamentals

NOTE: Have you taken the SI Certs ICC Welding Course already? Our ICC Welding course is a strong introduction and foundation to welding and welding concepts. If you are brand new to welding, we would recommend you taking this course first.

Part A moves beyond ICC Welding, covering areas like welding processes, metallurgy, welding symbols, definitions and terms, destructive and non-destructive testing, cutting, brazing, soldering, and duties and responsibilities.

Study Tip

Part A of the CWI test covers fundamentals of welding and is closed book. This part is 150 questions with a 2-hour time limit.

Our Part A Online Course also includes these great learning features:

  • Advanced welding processes and procedures, moving beyond ICC Welding
  • (12) in-depth instructional lessons covering the fundamentals of welding
  • Supplemental demonstrational videos showing weld processes and NDE
  • Multiple quiz questions per lesson
  • (2) 150-question timed practice tests
  • CWI Part A Test Taking Tips and Strategies
References Needed:
Welding Inspection Technology book
Welding Inspection Technology (optional)

With our online insruction, this book can be an optional reference. You should purchase it only if you want to read the material from a printed source. However, our online instruction covers what you need to know, so you don't have to purchase it if you don't want the physical book.

AWS A2.4
AWS A2.4: 2012 - Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination

SI Certs CWI Part B Course - Practical

Part B, the practical portion, includes examination and contract document interpretation. With our training, it is designed to be taken last, after completing Part A and Part C.

In this part, our users learn how to work with plastic weld replicas and use all the important inspection weld tools. Upon purchase of the course, we'll ship these mold replicas and tools to you.

Mold Replicas and Tools

Students also learn how to interpret specifications, understand welder qualifications and welding procedure specifications, inspect and measure flaws, and compare flaws to project specs and code requirements.

Study Tip

Part B of the CWI test requires practical knowledge of using welding tools, measure weldments and detecting flaws, understanding Welder Procedure Specifications, and using the Book of Specifications and the Book of Exhibits. Part B is a hands-on test of46 questions with a 2-hour time limit.

Our Part B Online Course also includes:

  • 9 instructional lessons covering practical welding application and document interpretation
  • Multiple quiz questions per lesson
  • Complete teaching on how to use the Welder’s Inspection 10-Piece Toolkit for flaw and weldment measurement
  • Hands-on welding inspection practice with plastic samples depicting groove welds at butt joints, tubular pipe welds, T-joint replica with multiple fillet welds and gouged surfaces, and bend test specimens
  • Video instruction for weld and flaw measurement
  • SI Certs practice “Book of Documents” (digital download) with SI Certs instruction and practice showing you how to understand welding procedures, welder qualifications, and destructive testing reports
  • AWS “Book of Specifications” digital download (available for free on AWS website) with SI Certs instruction and practice
  • Timed practice tests designed to prepare you for the CWI exam
  • CWI Part B Test Taking Tips and Strategies

SI Certs CWI Part C Course - The AWS D1.1 or API 1104 Review

Part C is an in-depth study of the 2015 AWS D1.1 or 21st Edition API 1104 code. While this part of the CWI test will be open book, it is timed.

SI Certs will teach you how to qualify welders, understand weld procedures, requirements during welding and fabrication, allowable metals and filler materials, flaw definitions, inspection procedures, and allowable tolerances under the D1.1 or 1104 code. You will need to learn the Code well, and be able to move quickly through it. SI Certs’ instruction does both.

Study Tip

Part C of the CWI test requires strong knowledge of the AWS D1.1 or API 1104 code reference. It is open book, and 46-50 questions within a2-hour time limit.

Our Part C Online Course also has these teaching elements:

  • 9 instructional modules for understanding and familiarizing the D1.1 or API 1104
  • Multiple quiz questions per lesson
  • Focus on how CWI/AWS covers the D1.1 or 1104 and will test students
  • Video instruction and examples
  • CWI Part C Test Taking Tips and Strategies
  • Timed practice tests designed to prepare you for the CWI exam
References Needed:
AWS D1.1 book
2015 AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code

This code reference can be purchased from ICC or AWS. Sometimes you can find used and discounted books on Amazon or Ebay.

CWI vs. ICC Welding

You may be wondering what the difference is between SI Certs’ ICC Welding course and CWI course. The ICC course is designed for students wanting to earn their Master of Special Inspection certification, or students who are new to welding inspection. The CWI training can be taken without having ICC Welding certification, but if you are new to welding we strongly advise you to take our ICC Welding course before taking CWI. Our ICC Welding course lays a foundation to prepare the user to understand the concepts we go into great detail on for CWI.

SI Certs explains how to become a CWI, along with all requirements for becoming a CWI in Part A of our CWI course, available for purchase.

ICC Welding and CWI Instructional Differences

  • ICC Welding Instructional Overview
  • Brief Intro to Welding Basics
  • Understanding A2.4 Weld Types/Symbols
  • 2010 D1.1 Structural Steel Code Review
  • Limited NDT Instructions
  • Welder Qualifications
  • Qualifying Weld Procedures
  • Materials and Filler Metals
  • Fabrication Requirements/Processes
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Flaw Measurement Teaching
  • 2011 D1.4 Reinforcing Steel Code Review
  • Qualification, Technique, & Inspection
  • 2008 D1.3 Sheet Steel Code Review
  • Qualification, Fabrication & Inspection
  • Steel Construction Manual Overview
  • IBC and Special Inspection Manual
  • Practice Quizzes and Tests
  • Visuals, Photos, Illustrations, Audio Playback
  • 90 Days Access @ 25-30 Hours of Online Course Instruction
  • CWI Instructional Overview
  • How to Become a CWI
  • Welding Fundamentals
  • Welding Processes
  • Metallurgy
  • Welding Symbols
  • Steel Shapes/Products
  • Definitions & Terms
  • Destructive and Non-destructive Testing
  • Cutting, Brazing, & Soldering
  • Inspection Duties & Responsibilities
  • Physical Weld Examination
  • Flaws Measurement Hands-on Training
  • Contract Document Interpretation
  • Interpreting Specifications
  • Understanding Welder Qualifications
  • Understanding Weld Procedure Qualifications
  • Inspecting & Measuring Flaws
  • Flaw Comparison w/ Project Specs & Code Req's
  • Welder’s Inspection 10-Piece Tool Kit Training Set
  • SI Certs' "Book of Specifications" Training & Practice
  • AWS "Book of Exhibits" Training & Practice
  • Undertanding NDT Reports
  • Qualifying Welders
  • Qualifying Weld Procedures
  • Welding and Fabrication Req's
  • Allowable Metals & Filler Materials
  • Flaw Definitions
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Allowable Tolerances
  • Practice Quizzes and Tests
  • Visuals, Photos, Illustrations, Audio Playback, Video Demonstrations
  • Up to 180 Days Access @ 80-90 Hours of Online Course Instruction


Replacing the traditional week-long class, our CWI training is fully online and includes molded weld replicas, inspection tools, video instruction, and practice assessments to prepare you for the test.

Master the CWI Fundamentals of Welding
Hands on Training with Molds & Tools Shipped
An In-Depth Study and Teaching of D1.1
CWI Full Training
Includes CWI A, CWI B, and CWI C
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    I have been so overwhelmed with the amount of information but you have helped. You present everything in a very user friendly format, covering all information. I have nothing but confidence that I will pass theCWI exam when I finish your prep course!!
  • Omar E.
    Part C was great. The topics you guys covered came exactly in the exam.
  • Richard H.
    First off, I want to say the online class you give is great. I have such a better understanding of the CWI part B with the pieces and how to navigate the BOS and the CWI part A is so informative that it makes me understand how the process works.
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