Digital Plans - Changes to ICC Special Inspector Exams

In December 2017, ICC started using digital plans instead of physical plans in their special inspector exams. You can view the digital plans on the computer during the exam.

Because of these changes, SI Certs is now including digital plans with all of our ICC special inspection courses.

We used to ship physical plans with each course but we want you to have best chance of passing the exam. Therefore, we are no longer shipping physical plans. By practicing plan reading with digital plans instead of physical plans, you will be more prepared to pass the ICC test.

Learn more by watching the video below.

As you can see in the video, our digital plans have teaching notes to help you learn. There are even notes that point to audio clips in the course. Listening to the audio is like having a senior inspector sitting right there with you teaching you how to read plans.

Also, Matt, my fellow teacher, and I have taken the new exams with the digital plans. We both passed on the first try and we learned a lot from taking the new tests.

In our courses, we're going to teach you tips and strategies based on our experience of taking and passing an ICC special inspection plans exam. We'll show you how to read the ICC digital plans so that you can earn a new special inspector certification.