Spring Relief Sale (March 23 - 31)

A Message from the CEO Regarding the Coronavirus

Dear SI Certs Users,

These are very uncertain times for us and our nation. We certainly hope and pray that we can get this under control and the economy recover soon. Needless to say, there are many of us who need help.

We want to help. We’d love to see all of our users come out stronger on the other end of this. Many of us are finding ourselves at home more, and it’s an opportune time to study and advance our credentials so when projects come back in full force, we’re ready.

In response to recent government mandates and the need for many of our customers to stay at home, we would like to offer our Black Friday sale prices again for a limited time. It’s our most aggressive discounts and we typically only run it at the end of the year. But now, hopefully it makes it much easier to train and better position yourself.

We’ll be running our sale through the end of this month – March 31. We hope this move opens up the means for many of you to do more of what will benefit you in the long term.

Also, while Pearson Vue and AWS are shutting down test centers and sessions, we are extending your courses at no charge. Just message us through our site if you’re about to run out of time. We’re going to help everyone get through this.

Thank you for your loyal support and please stay safe and healthy for your families.

Gabe Kramer, CEO
SI Certs

CWI Test Prep Courses
Online CWI TrainingOriginal PriceSale PriceSavings
Full CWI Training (Parts A, B, and C)$1,197$1,197$0
CWI Training for Part A$449$449$0
CWI Training for Part B$449$449$0
CWI Training for Part C$449$449$0

Our online CWI training for all three parts is 180 days long. Plus, you don't have to start the training until you are ready. The 180 day countdown doesn't begin until you start the training. You can start it any time in the future.

We provide 80 hours of CWI teaching, which is twice as long as the AWS CWI Seminar. Click below to learn more.

Special Inspection Test Prep Courses

Click a course below to learn more.

Online Special Inspection TrainingOriginal PriceSale PriceSavings
Prestressed Concrete$449$449$0
Reinforced Concrete$449$449$0
Structural Masonry$449$449$0
Structural Steel and Bolting$449$449$0
Structural Welding$449$449$0

Our special inspection courses prepare you to pass the ICC Codes and Plans exams.

Each course is 90 days long and you don't have to start a course until you have time to study. The 90 day countdown for each course only begins when you start the course.

Stock Up on Credits for Bigger Savings

Take advantage of bigger savings by buying two or more credits. Each credit can be spent for one course in the future.

Number of CreditsOriginal PriceSale PriceSavingsPrice Per Credit
2 Credits$838$838$0$419
3 Credits$1,197$1,197$0$399
4 Credits$1,499$1,499$0$375
5 Credits$1,845$1,845$0$369
7 Credits$2,499$2,499$0$357

Many of our students buy credits in bulk to save lots of money. Then, when they have the time, they spend the credits, study hard, and get certified.

Need to Train Many Inspectors? We've Got You Covered

For companies, we offer huge discounts whenever you buy 10 or more credits. Each credit can be spent on a course for yourself or your employee.

The full CWI training (Parts A, B, and C) is 3 credits. If you want them separately, each part is 1 credit.

If your company needs to train many inspectors, check out the deals below.

Number of CreditsOriginal PriceSale PriceSavingsPrice Per Credit
10 Credits$3,490$3,490$0$349
20 Credits$6,780$6,780$0$339
30 Credits$9,870$9,870$0$329
50 Credits$14,950$14,950$0$299
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