ICC Special Inspection Training with Guaranteed Results – A Letter to Our Users

Guarantees. We used to get users asking if we would guarantee they would pass if they took our course, but we seldom get that question anymore. Regardless, we wanted to keep a response on our site to users wondering about this kind of guarantee.

Let’s start off with this: no one can guarantee that you will pass a test because no one can guarantee how you will act. Who could guarantee that you will get plenty of sleep the night before, or guarantee that you will put in the required time to study to prepare for the test? This kind of guarantee is a nice sales pitch, but not at all realistic.

We do care about guarantees because a guarantee means we stand behind our product. SI Certs does guarantee 2 things. We want all of our users to know this:

  • We guarantee to prepare you with the right tools to pass the test.
  • We guarantee to support you until you do.

In truth, this is a much better and sound guarantee than any other, and here are five reasons why.

1. We use the best teaching tools.

Taking advantage of the computer’s capabilities, we continue to update the most advanced training platform in the industry. This is why we know it will be relevant to you. The course teaches. It explains. It’s interactive. It’s the best way to learn and study.

2. We take the test, just like you.

Instead of renewing our certifications via the CEU process, we retake the tests. We also look for testing approaches, updates, and unique challenges fashioned by ICC. We risk our licenses, so to speak, so that we can have the best and most relevant information. We’re not a cheater course, and we respect ICC’s copyrighted material. But this is how we know we have the right tools to give you.

3. We teach you how to read any set of plans.

The plans are the sticking point of many failing test attempts. You may be asking yourself why you haven’t found a similar set of plans in the field to prepare for the Reinforced Concrete test plans. You never will. ICC has made their set much more difficult by rearranging information, schedules, removing certain notes and callouts and reinserting them in other sections. No structural engineer would put out a set like that, or they’d be fired from the design team.

Our set of plans, while more similar to a "normal set", contain our tips and navigation guides, along with audio playback in our course. This is all added onto each page of the set of plans themselves! This is absolutely a unique offering SI Certs has to prepare users to take and pass the plans portion of the ICC test. This is how we teach thinking and navigation routes.

4. We offer a personal, on-demand tutor to support and coach our users.

Email correspondence is one of the best one-to-one coaching methods available. Yes, it takes just a little more time to draft out questions in written form. But the value is receiving the answers in written form. You can save these answers and reference them when needed. With classroom instruction, fast note-taking is required for catching and retaining information you wish to save. Also, sometimes students don’t wish to ask questions, fearing they may be thought of as dumb or feeling that they may have missed something in the lecture, so they shouldn’t ask. All of this is eliminated with online instruction. And we can take the time to provide thorough responses.

5. We offer support until you pass.

We want you to pass just as much as you do. Earning a new certification means promotions, raises, better projects, more responsibilities, and ultimately one step closer to your ultimate goals. We offer our support until you pass the test in the form of continued course access and one-to-one coaching support. Is there a catch? Sure. The catch is we want you to take and pass the test. So we won’t extend course access for members who don’t schedule and take the ICC test before their course access expires. That’s the only catch. We want you to get certified, but that won’t happen unless you take the test.

This is our guarantee. And we wish to thank all our users for trusting us with their training needs. We still feel like we need to earn this, and we work hard to.