How to Pass the ICC Reinforced Concrete Plans Portion of the Test

SI Certs ships 1-3 physical plan sets with their online training courses. For Reinforced Concrete, we currently ship two Training Plan sets with purchase of each course. Our plans follows the same successful teaching method – colored notes and guides right on the plan sheets themselves that show you how to navigate, how plans are structured, and most importantly challenging navigation routes.

We prepare you for how to approach the plan set on the test using these sets. We do this by providing a detailed explanation of how we arrive at each answer in our answer key, so you can see why and how we arrived at our answer, step by step, navigation jump to navigation jump. Following our path, our users learn how to think about plan reading and navigation; where to look first; and how to find answers mirroring the fairly difficult ICC test questions.

Both Reinforced Concrete plan sets walk our users through how to read and interpret plans, and why details and areas are shown the way they are. We do this right on the plans themselves with added colored notes, guides, and audio links within our course that playback explanations from printed audio icons on the plan set pages. We realized very soon in the game that teaching a user how to not only read plans, but prepare them for what they will encounter with ICC’s difficult test plans involves much more than simply mailing an old set of plans with a list of questions and answers. This approach doesn’t teach anyone how to think, or improve their navigation skills. Our approach solves both problems.

Both our plans have a corresponding plans practice test online. Each are 30 questions, just like the ICC test. It is also timed, and our questions are delivered through our unique online Question Delivery System (QDS). The QDS simulates the actual testing environment. It delivers the course’s practice quizzes and tests in the same on-screen format as the ICC test. We give you the ability to mark, flag, and return to unanswered questions, just like the test.

There’s also a countdown timer to gauge your efficiency (you are also timed on the test). After users go through our practice tests, they have a strong indication whether they are ready to sit for the real test. Our simulated testing environment reduces surprises and anxiety, particularly for first time test takers.

You can find out more about the success of our tutorial plan sets by visiting our user reviews page. We've helped hundreds of people get certified. There's no need to delay your studies and the advancement of your career. The training is available and the plans preparation works. The opportunities are waiting. Unfortunately, the opportune time is always running out.